Chatman still hoping to find a home

It's amazing, but every year, a standout JC football player goes overlooked for one reason or another. Such is the case of former Fullerton RB Joe Chatman (5-10, 205) who was injured shortly after the 2006 season began and he's still waiting to find a home to continue his college football career.

"After four games I was averaging 102 yards per game and I was on a roll," Chatman told recently. "Then against Saddleback, a team I got pretty good in 2005, they came after me hard and someone fell on my leg funny and I got a high ankle sprain.

"That happened in the second quarter, so I tried to run on it after halftime, but at the end of the third I had to come out because I just couldn't do anything on it."

Chatman then tried to return three weeks later for the Fullerton's game against Pasadena, but it was a no-go and because high ankle sprains take several weeks to get healthy, he ended up missing the rest of the season.

"It was frustrating because I wanted to show people what I could do, but everthing happens for a reason," Chatman said. "That's the attitude you have to have because you need to be positive or you'll just get mad and not keep working hard because you can feel sorry for yourself."

After the quarter ended, Chatman headed home to work and earn money so he could finish his degree and possibly have a chance at playing ball at the next level.

"I had to take care of business and working helped me do that," Chatman said. "I also needed to heal up and get back in shape and I've worked hard to do that."

As a freshman in 2005, Chatman posted 1,560 yards and 16 touchdowns and earned the Mission Conference Co-Player of the Year honors. He also finished the season just three yards short of winning the state rushing title.

"I had a good year in 2005, but I was going to be even better as a sophomore," Chatman said. "I know I've only started to use my abilities."

Because Chatman needed to put school on hold for a bit, he isn't likely to finish his two-year degree until August following summer school, but he said some schools have told him they still want him to come and be part of what they have going.

"Delaware State offered me a scholarship and that was cool, but I want the chance to play at a higher level if I can," Chatman said. "I know I can play with those guys up in D-1 and I just want the chance to show schools what I can do.

"BYU told me they liked my game a lot, but they don't have any scholarships left to give out so I would have to walk on there.

"Eastern Michigan sounds like they are pretty interested in me. The coach who was recruiting me, his name is Scott Weaver, he told me he couldn't promise me anything, but he said if they have a scholarship they may use it on me. He said he knows I can play at that level and that we'll just have to see what happens."

Chatman would like to major in Communications and said he will have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

Stay tuned for more info on this excellent running back.

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