Santa Rosa Team Preview

Like a lot of schools across the state of California, the Santa Rosa JC football roster is loaded with talented players. Where they differ is in the production of their skill players. Head coach Keith Simons sat down with recently and detailed some of the top talent he has on his roster this coming fall and who to keep an eye on as the season gets underway.

Coach Simons has a lot of talent on offense and he started by talking about the young man who will be under center for the second straight year.

QB Greg Alexander "First and foremost, he's just a great student of the game and he's a great player as well. He's more of a pocket-passer, but he has to slide his feet and move around in the pocket to avoid the rush at times so he's got good feet and if it opens up and he needs to pull it down, he can do that and make teams pay for it with his legs too.

"He's 6-5, 240 pounds so he's a big kid and he really understands the passing game. As a freshman, in our first five games he was basically pulled at halftime because we were so far ahead. If he had stayed in his numbers would have been astronomical. As it was, he completed just under 69-percent of his passes and he threw for over 3,000 yards and 33 touchdowns.

"We run out of the spread and everyone knows we're going to throw it and we don't try and hide the fact that we're going to throw it and Greg still lit it up last year. He and the backup combined for 4,400 yards and 55 touchdowns, so that tells you how big his numbers could have been.

"He's big-time."

WR Aubrey Quarles "He's our biggest playmaker and he's a heck of a receiver for us. He's a sturdy guy at 6-2 and 185 pounds, but he can really fly (4.4) and he's just dangerous with the ball in his hands. He's also a real big threat as a multi-purpose guy because he can return kicks and punts. He was an All-American as a multi-purpose guy. He's really good.

"He's another big-time player for us."

WR Amos Carter "We love him and he's a great player. He came here to play basketball and he's a really good hoops player, but he came out for us and he's an outstanding athlete and just solid all the way around. He's got very good speed (4.45) and he can jump and run. He's the whole package.

"He'll have to go D-2 because he will be out of D-1 eligibility, but whoever gets him will be really happy they got him."

RB/WR Marty Ponzo "He's an amazing talent. We love his ability to make plays in space and he led the state in receptions with 83 catches and he also had 500 yards rushing. There's a very good chance he'll move outside so we can take advantage of his receiving skills and his speed (4.4).

"I think he'll be a D-1 guy, but it kind of depends upon his size and how he adjust to playing outside. We'll see how it plays out."

RB Evan Williams "We haven't seen him play college football yet because he transferred to us from CCSF where he was last year. He's a very good running back and we scouted him out of high school and he was a man among boys out there and just hurt people when he ran.

"He's really physical and big guy (6-1, 210) and he's a sub-4.4 guy. He's going to help us a lot out there this year. He's the reason that we're probably going to move Ponzo to receiver."

LB Ula Pomele "When you talk about a physical middle linebacker, Pomele is a guy that you picture. He's real explosive and he'll play inside for us this year. He was an outstanding player for us and we expect him to continue to improve and be a player that can cover a lot of ground and be a sure tackler when he arrives at the ball.

"He's probably a 1AA guy, but he has a chance to play D-1 with a big season. We'll see what happens."

CB/FS Clarence Ward "He's one of our big names and he's already committed to Arizona. He's a big kid and he goes about 6-0, 190. He's got good hips and will probably play corner at the next level, but he can play free safety too because of his instincts. He's also a very strong tackler as well. He's a really good player and a great kid. Just a really hard worker and a good leader by his example."

We'll have more on each of these prospects as the spring evaluation period gets underway.

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