Pearl River Offensive Preview

In part two of our Pearl River preview, assistant coach William Jones III talks about the talented offensive players on the Wildcats' roster for this coming season. Jones' defense is supremely athletic and talented…can the offensive side of the ball match that? Read on to find out more…

"We recruited some seriously good players last year and they are going to be our starters this year," Jones told "They were the best class we had ever brought in, until this year's class which is going to be even better, at least on paper, and they will all get D-1 looks."

Here are the top players in each unit…

OT Nate Jenkins "‘Big Nate' is 6-4, 350 and he's just a big and nasty individual. He's got NFL talent and even at his size he's got great feet. We love what he brings to our line. He's our tone-setter.

"He'll be able to go just about anywhere in the country. He's so physical and so athletic that he can pull on running plays and shade rushers on pass plays. When you talk about a bookend tackle, Jenkins is the guy you're talking about.

"He's probably a May guy, but he has a chance to finish up this December so we'll see what happens with him. It all depends on how hard he wants to work. Either way, my guess is that schools will wait for him."

C Teddy Morris "Teddy just mauls people and he's really smart. He's physical and he's got pretty good size for a center (6-1, 290). He makes all the calls for us and he's going to be a good one.

"He faces off against our big-time defensive tackles and holds his own every day.

"He's definitely a division one guy, but where he ends up just depends on how much he improves over the summer and into next fall."

OG T.J. Harper "He's very athletic and mean. He and Teddy (Morris) just hold down the middle really well and as a freshman he started about half our games last year. He's really a solid prospect.

"I imagine he'll be a D-1 one guy, but we'll see what happens."

WR Ellis Kraut "He transferred to us from Cabrillo College and we couldn't be happier. He's big (6-5, 200) and he'll be a very physical receiver for us. He gets after it and he's a really good blocker too.

"He has 4.6 speed which isn't great top-end speed, but he knows how to position his body and he can jump really well. There's no doubt he's a D-1 guy. He's long and tall and he has some serious skills."

WR Roger Frazier – "His brother played at Kansas State last year and he ran the fastest time for the wide receivers at the (NFL) Combine so the kid has some serious wheels. He runs a legitimate 10-4 100 meters and he's pretty big (6-2,185) for a super-fast receiver.

"He played at Hutchinson in 2005 and had over 1,200 yards. He sat out last year because of some personal stuff he had to get taken care of and when he was looking for a home he called us up and we gobbled him up.

"He's an outstanding athlete and a great receiver. He'll open some eyes this year. You can count on that."

Other offensive players to keep an eye on: WR Chris Reed, WR Ray Chisholm, RB Jonathan Kirksey, RB Georgio Hall, OT Decker Farris, OG Charvo Lampton

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