Citrus College Preview

As they prepares for the 2007 season, Citrus head coach Kevin Emerson and his staff have plenty of talent up and down their roster for D-1 schools to drool over. This spring and summer should see the Owls' campus teaming with coaches from a number for four-year programs and coach Emerson was kind enough to give us a preview of his top prospects.

RB Leonard Mason "He was a top five back in California last year and we expect him to be at or near the top again this year. He's 5-11, 205 pounds and he can run (4.5) and do everything you want him to do as far as catching the ball, running it and blocking.

"Last year he had 1,273 yards which was 6.2 yards per carry. He had 11 touchdowns and was just an excellent back for us.

"We have a great tradition of running backs coming through here – Quinton Ganther from the Tennessee Titans played here before going to Utah and we also had Dario Camacho who is at Purdue – and we want kids to know that if you're a great running back, that you can expect to get the carries and be in an offense that will get you to the next level.

"Leonard is the next in that great tradition of backs for us. If schools are smart they will get in on him early. He's a power-back with good moves and just a devastating stiffarm. He also has great hands – he didn't drop a pass last year.

"He'll be very highly recruited."

TE Tyson Hetzer "He's 6-7, 265 and he's just a man and he's got a great, great work-ethic. We haven't had him out on the field yet because he just transferred here after playing basketball at Northern Alabama, but if he plays with the pads on like he has been doing in our offseason workouts, he should be just fine.

He's got very good speed for a man his size and he's very athletic. What we aren't sure of yet is how aggressive he'll be as a blocker, but with his personality and mentality, I don't think that will be a problem at all.

"He's a blue-chipper for us. He's a big-time player."

LB/S Jason Assauna W"hat we like about Jason is his aggressiveness and toughness. He played as an undersized linebacker for us last year and at first we were a little worried because he's only 5-9, 185, but then when he got out there he was just so strong at the point of attack and he was able to really get after it with guys.

"He was All-Conference last year so he can really play. He could play linebacker anywhere in my opinion, but he'll probably have to move to safety. It sort of just depends on who likes him and where he finally ends up."

DE Devin Johnson – He is an outstanding pass-rusher. When it's him against the offensive tackle it's a complete mismatch. He can just run right by the blocker or he can also use a move to get by him. He's a great player. He played hurt during our first four games last year, but he still had a great season and he'll be pretty heavily recruited I think.

CB Anthony Sutton He's a multi-threat for us. He can return kicks and punts and then you throw him out there on defense and he's just a lockdown guy for us. He's physical and quick and he's got good speed too.

S Paul Clark Clark is an excellent center-field type guy for us. He will come up and smack a ballcarrier, but he's also good in space and when asked to cover guys one-on-one. He's rangy too and he can cover the whole field for us.

S Damian James He's an excellent athlete. He played quarterback in high school and he runs a 4.5 and hits guys hard. He's 5-11, 190 and he's also good in coverage too.

P Nick Somes Nick is the fastest guy on our team. He's 6-2, 190 and a great athlete. He's also a great punter and he's got a big-time foot. He easily averages 50 yards per attempt and he could be a pro punter if he keeps working hard.

Other players to keep an eye on: LB Demarcus Flanagan

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