Blinn College Preview

We've previewed several of the top programs from across the country so far this spring and this week we take a look at Blinn College the NJCAA National Champions. Head coach Brad Franchione's squad was loaded with talent in 2006 and 2007 could prove to be even better if the players develop how they hope. JCFootball caught up with Blinn's head man and he talked about some of his top prospects.

RB Jason Barnes "He'll be a sophomore next year and he's a running back that's 220 pounds and he's extremely fast and has a great ability to make a cut. He's a one-cut back. He doesn't spend a lot of time making a decision on where he wants to go. He cuts and he's gone.

"He's really strong and has a very strong work ethic and he's a strong character kid."

RB Lamont Roberts "He's a really big and fast running back for us. He's 6-0, 220, so he's big enough to block, he's good enough to run and he's shifty enough to break one. He backed up Bernard Scott last year.

"Lamont will probably be the starter and Jason will be the backup. Jason might play some fullback for us. Both are big enough to play in a one-back set too."

TE Samer Elqubub "He's a solid blocker and a he's a good kid. He's been here two years so this year he'll be a redshirt sophomore for us. He isn't great at any one thing, but he's solid at everything. He does everything good. Overall he's a really good player."

DT Terrance Flagg "He's a 6-2, 281 pound defensive tackle. He played linebacker in college and we dropped him down to tackle and he's learning the position. He's doing a great job of learning a new position. He's very explosive and a good hitter.

"I'd say he's got a chance to be a definite division-one prospect."

CB Danny Jackson Danny's a corner that goes 6-0, 185 and he's not super-fast but he's a really solid corner for us and he understands the game and does a great job in coverage for us. He'd be great in a cover-two system. He's big and strong and athletic.

OL Quintin Johnson "He's a big lineman for us. He played for us last year and started a few games for us and he's a solid player. Big and nasty and unbelievably strong and benches 405 and squats 550."

WR Blake Kelly "He's a receiver for us that's fast as lightning. I mean, he gets on a DB quick and then he's just gone. I've seen him improve his game a ton. He played some for us last year and I think he's a guy who will have a big season for us.

"He ran a 4.44 for us this year. He's really good."

WR Rashard Kelly "Rashard is another receiver for us and he's not as fast as Blake and he's really solid catching the ball. He's a real solid athlete and really reliable as a wide receiver. He runs good routes and has great hands."

DE/LB Clint Leal "He's a defensive end and linebacker for us. He's been injured all offseason, but he played for us some this past year and he's a phenomenal player. If he can get healthy he'll be great. He's got a foot thing going on that's been kind of nagging. If he's healthy though, he's a great player."

LB Sterling Lewis "He's a weakside linebacker for us and very fast. He's a big playmaker and a very strong athlete. He's the total package – smart, strong and fast and just loves to play the game. You can't ask for much more than that as a coach.

"He should be pretty highly recruited."

Other Blinn players to watch: WR Garrett Tidwell, DE Emmanuel Stevens, S Freddy Williams, OL Jeff Younker, CB Paul Stevens, Deep-snapper Zac Taylor

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