Eastern Arizona DT is close to a decision

It seems to happen every year. A big-time player flies under the radar of recruiting services so much that very little is made of his abilities until it's found out he'll be available sooner rather than later. Such is the case with Eastern Arizona DT Michael Jordan (6-6, 300) who is set to take one trip this weekend and he could be heading to another top 25 program the following weekend.

"I'm for sure heading to Texas A&M this Friday (4/27)," Jordan told JCFootball.com recently. "Next weekend, I may go to California and visit them up there, but that one is still kind of tentative.

"This past weekend I was supposed to go out to Nebraska, but there was some miscommunication on their part so I'm no longer considering them."

Even with the elimination of the Cornhuskers, Jordan has a boatload of offers to choose from.

"You can pretty much look at every top 25 program out there and they've offered me," Jordan said. "I committed to Michigan State last fall, but after coach (John L.) Smith got fired, I thought that might be done.

"Coach (Mark) D'Antonio and I got to know each other a bit and since I wasn't finished with my degree, he and I made an agreement that if I got my credits in order, they would have an offer for me.

"After I committed to Michigan State, Florida called to talk to me and when they found I committed they backed off, but they liked me too."

Miami, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, Arizona State, Oklahoma and Texas amoung others have offered the big man, but he's narrowed it down to a final three or four.

"Cal hasn't offered yet, but their coaches are in with my coaches right now watching my film," Jordan said. "I think there's a pretty good chance they'll offer me.

"After that it's basically down to Michigan State, Miami, Texas A&M and Cal, but I'm still kind of keeping my options open. Either way, I need to make a decision soon because I finish up (at Eastern Arizona) in May and then I'll take two summer classes in Lansing (his hometown) so I can enroll in August."

It's been a circuitous route for Jordan to get where he is now.

During his senior year at Creston High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jordan was a star on his team playing defensive end, defensive tackle, tight end, linebacker and even some offensive tackle.

"I was pretty highly recruited out of high school and I was set to go to either Michigan State or Purdue," Jordan said. "But my mom had some difficulties at work because they were letting people go, so we moved to Las Vegas in the middle of my senior year.

"When I got there and tried to enroll in school there, they told me it was too late to enroll, so I went back to Lansing and lived with my uncle and finished up there."

By the time he finally got his diploma, the schools recruiting him had moved on because they had lost track of him and he decided to go to Wayne State, a D-II school in Michigan.

"Then Coach Smith finally got in touch with me and told me that if I worked hard they would have something for me and he said he wanted me to go out to Eastern Arizona to get my academics in order so that's why I'm here now," Jordan said. "I had a really good year last year so that's when people really started to take notice and since I redshirted at Wayne State and only played last year, they like it that I will have three years to play three."

Jordan claims a 4.9 forty and benches 375 as well.

"Whoever gets me will get a good person and a great defensive tackle," Jordan said. "I'll take some of these trips and then make my final decision."

We'll have more from Jordan over the next couple of weeks.

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