Cerritos OL hearing from several

Even as an offensive lineman, Cerritos tackle Phillip Garcia (6-8, 330) makes others at his position look small. The big man from southern California is hearing from quite a few four-year programs and, while he's waiting to get that first offer, he said he's working on his strength and conditioning.

"I'm hearing from a lot of schools," Garcia told JCFootball.com recently. "Texas A&M is recruiting me really hard right now. They seem to like me and my teammate (Mike Diaz) a lot and they came out to see us the other day and said they liked what they saw to our coaches. That's pretty big right there.

"Kansas, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona State, Boise State, Louisville, UCLA and Washington State are all recruiting me quite a bit too."

As a senior at Schurr High School in Montebello, California, Garcia was getting looks from several schools and had offers from Oregon, Montana and Arizona State.

"Unfortunately, they all stopped calling me as we got closer to the signing day and I just didn't apply to the Clearinghouse and I dropped a couple of classes that would have helped me get qualified," Garcia admitted. "It was a pretty stupid move on my part and I'm paying for it now, but I can make up for it and hopefully get a second-chance to show what I can do."

Garcia, whose size is imposing, is still working on his strength a bit.

"I've had some problems with tendonitis in my knees so I haven't been able to workout as hard on my lower-body like I would like to," Garcia said. "I bench 385 and rep 225 (pounds) 25 times, but I know four-year schools really look at the power-clean and the squat.

"My power-clean is ok (he puts up 285), but I want it to get higher. The problem is getting it up to 6-8 is tough sometimes."

Garcia is tasked with guarding the blindside of the Cerritos quarterbacks and said it's an honor to have that responsibility thrown at him.

"When I got here as a freshman last year, they basically said ‘you're our best guy so you're our starter at left tackle'," Garcia said humbly. "It's cool though because my quarterback and I are on good terms. He encourages me because he knows I have to have his back."

As far as where Garcia will ultimately end up, he said he wants it all.

"It's going to be everything," Garcia said. "Location will be big; I want to look at how good the program is because nobody wants to play for a loser; I have to like the staff and the other players; it's going to be pretty much everything.

"I'll sit down with my parents and we'll just weigh everything so I can make the best decision for me."

Wherever Garcia ends up he said he wants to major in Kinesiology, "so I can treat all my injuries after I stop playing," he added with a laugh. He'll have three years to play two and will graduate in December.

We'll have more from Garcia over the summer.

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