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Cerritos College always has outstanding talent and this year they feature what is likely to be the biggest offensive line in the country. Head coach Frank Mazzotta was kind enough to chat with JCFootball.com recently and he talked about some of his top prospects heading into the 2007 season.

OL Mike Diaz "He's our number one prospect and we really like him a lot. Last year he played right tackle for us and this year he's penciled in there right now, but we may move him inside depending on who we have step up this summer.

"We want to get the best five on the field and Mike is versatile enough to play tackle or guard. He's a tackle at the next level though.

"He's being recruited by a bunch of schools right now. The Texas A&M recruiting coordinator was out here one day and then the next day their offensive line coach stopped by; Arizona State has already told us they are really interested in him; Louisville loves him a lot; North Carolina State has been on him from the beginning.

"He's just a great football player."

OL Phillip Garcia "He's a huge left tackle. He's all of 6-8 and 320 pounds. People think you're lying when you say that a guy is as big as he is and then when you see him you go ‘Holy cow, he's really that big'. I mean – he's just huge.

"He's really hit it hard in the weight room and he's added a ton of strength. He's being heavily recruited too."

OL Tony Haynes "Tony would have been a starter last year but he dislocated his kneecap in our first game and so he sat out most of last year. He's just a huge man. He's 6-8 and 390 pounds and when you match him up with Philip it's pretty amazing because Philip looks small compared to Tony.

"We're going to have to wait and see on him. He has to stay healthy, but he's a good athlete and he's got great feet for a man his size."

OL Armando Casillas "He'll be one of our starters at guard. He's the strongest player in our program. He's got over a 400 pound bench, he squats more than 500 and he power-cleans 340 pounds. He's just a big strong individual."

QB A.J. Toscano "He's one of the most accurate passers I've ever seen. Last year he played in a limited role because we had Chad Manis here and the two were really close, but Chad is gone (signed with Utah) and so it's A.J.'s show now.

"He's really smart and he's got a cannon for an arm. We expect huge things from him this year. He should put up some big numbers for us."

WR Deangelo Mingo "He's going to have to go D-2 because of his clock, but he can absolutely fly. He was the fastest guy at the Los Angeles combine. I saw that he ran a 4.24 and he's just a great football player.

"He's quick and runs good routes. He's going to make someone really happy at the D-2 level."

WR Ryan Pettys "Ray is a great receiver from a technical standpoint. He's so solid and he's added 12 pounds of pure muscle this offseason and he's going to be a big time player for us this fall.

"He's 6-3, 200 and he's just a really smart football player. He understands coverages and he's ready to really bust out this fall. We can't wait to see what he's going to do."

RB Lorenzo Goode "He's a transfer from Allen Hancock and he's a 5-11, 195 pound guy who runs a 4.45. He's a really good running back and he's just built really solid. We're excited to have him in the fold."

LB Kupono Kaawa "The experience on defense for our team is at linebacker. Kupono is extremely strong and he's 6-1 and 248 pounds. He's our middle linebacker and he started all 10 games for us last year and he was All-Conference too. He's a really, really good player and prospect.

"When you are running downhill and he's standing in your way, you're in trouble because he will hit you like a brick wall."

LB Michael Terry "He started at outside linebacker for us and his biggest strength is his speed. He runs really well and he's a solid 6-1, 230. He's also done a great job in the weightroom this year."

DT Thomas Locust "Thomas was at a disadvantage because he came here as an offensive lineman and he was going to be our starting center, but we moved him to defensive tackle and we think he's going to be a solid player for us there after a year in the system and playing defense for a year.

"He's 6-3, 325 and he's really strong and has shown it in the weightroom this offseason."

CB B.G. Walters "He's been just phenomenal this year for us. He transferred from Allen Hancock and he showed up on campus, in our offices, and he had already arranged housing and signed up for classes before he even met with us. We didn't even know who he was when he showed up. That tells you how serious he is about competing for a spot. He's going to be an excellent coverage guy for us.

"He's only 5-9, but he's a solid 185 pounds and he runs a 4.44 and he'll just come up and get in your face. In the one-on-ones at the Los Angeles combine, there were five guys who couldn't even get off the line of scrimmage against him. He's really physical for his size."

Other Cerritos players to watch this fall: WR Craig Bell, TE Pat Crow, LB Tim Thornton and DE Hector Gonzalez.

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