Top JC defensive tackle says 'Gig em"

It happens every year. Players expect to play two years of JC ball and then head to a four-year school, but every now and then, some have enough credits to leave a year early. Such is the case with Snow DT David Tufuga (6-1, 300) who took a visit to College Station this past weekend and figured out that he could leave this summer and realize his dream of playing at a D-1 school this fall.

"I committed to A&M this past weekend," an excited Tufuga told "I thought I was going to have to stay at Snow for this fall and then leave, but when I was talking to the Texas A&M coaches -- they were recruiting me for 2008 -- and I asked them to take a look at my transcripts and tell me if they thought I could make it in this fall.

"After they looked them over they said they thought I could do it and so I decided to take an official visit this weekend just to check things out.

"It was just the perfect fit for me. They needed someone to come in and add depth to their tackle rotation and I wanted to get to a D-1 program as soon as possible."

Besides the Aggies fitting like a glove from a football perspective, Tufuga also said he felt comfortable bringing his wife and child with him to College Station.

"The whole area is a lot different than I thought it would be," Tufuga said. "It was just a perfect fit for me and my family. I'm just really excited.

"All weekend I was talking with my wife about things and letting her know how great it was and she was all for me getting to a school and having three years of eligibility."

Tufuga has two classes to complete his degree and will be done with those the first week of August.

"As soon as I finish up here, I'm going to fly down to A&M and get to work," Tufuga said. "I'm really excited to get down there, get a year in their system and then have a chance to start my final two years."

Tufuga turned down an offer from BYU and looked past heavy interest from schools like Washington State, Colorado, Utah and Oregon State to become an Aggie.

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