Allan Hancock Preview

This year, Allan Hancock head coach Kris Dutra has a plethora of talented players on his squad and was lucky enough to speak with the Bulldogs' head man recently, who shared insights about many of his top prospects.

RB Andre Cirino "He's an amazing athlete. He's 6-2, 240, and he's just the top of the list for the prospects we have this year. I'm really high on him and several big schools are already recruiting him and more will come in this summer."

"He's a bruiser, but he can also get outside and really hurt teams on the edge. He can do just about anything teams ask their backs to do. He can catch, he can block and he can run inside or outside. He's got incredible feet and we love the fact he's on our team."

TE Kyle Pollock "Kyle's a great blocker and he was second-team all-conference last year, but I thought he was the best tight end out there. I really can't think of who was better."

"He's a really, really good blocker and he's a good receiver too. He played quarterback in high school so we still need to work on him drive blocking, but he's a guy that will be a great role player for us and will fit into almost any system."

"He's a mid-year guy (December) and he'll have three years to play two."

WR Tyrell Munnerlyn "Now here's a guy teams need to keep an eye on. He's big (6-2, 200) and I timed him three times on a really slow field – our grass is really high and slow – and he ran three strait 4.4 forties. I mean, this kid can fly and he's an excellent receiver."

"He needs to get more sharp in his routes, but that's been coming along pretty well and we expect a lot of big things from him this fall. He's a big-play guy and he'll be highly recruited this year."

C Luke Conley "He was first-team all-conference in 2005 and had to sit out last year with a really, really bad sinus infection. He would have missed all but two or three games so we decided to redshirt him so he could get ready for this year.

"He's a legit guy. He's 6-3, 310, and he's really smart and very aggressive. He'll have two years to play two and will leave here in December."

OL James St. Germain – "Here's another guy who was second-team all-conference for us and he's a legit 6-2, 285, or 290, and he's a tremendous athlete. He can run a legit 4.8 forty and that's just excellent for a guy his size."

"He was a fullback in high school and we converted him to offensive line and he's going to play ‘quick guard' for us and he'll pull and just devastate guys. His grades have come along and he's going to be a really good player for us."

OL Tau Sudlow "He's probably our most technically sound blocker and he's just solid all the way around in every aspect of the game. He's 6-3, 290, and very athletic as well."

LB William Roundtree – "His only negative is that he's a bit undersized, but he's just a pure football player. He led the state in tackles last year with 125 and he was always around the ball. He's a really good player and he's also super-fast."

S Neil Tidwell "He played strong safety for us, but he could almost play anywhere. He could, quite possibly, be the top prospect I've ever had here. He's got good speed and he's a tough kid."

"Tidwell reminds me a lot of Eric Weddle who was at Utah last year. He had seven interceptions, blocked two punts and he'll line up at wide receiver for us in our four-receiver sets. He's just a great pure athlete, but he's also a great football player."

Other Allan Hancock players to keep an eye on: OL Richard Nelson, DE Stetson Thronas, DE Luke Swangler, OL Christian Jesperson and LB Sam Guilluame.

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