North Dakota State College of Science Preview

There's been some change-over on the North Dakota State College of Science's football coaching staff. Newly hired Chuck Parsons was promoted from defensive coordinator to take over the head coaching duties and he's hit the ground running. This year he has several talented players and one has become one of the most sought-after prospects in the country.

DE Jarrett Crittenton "He's 6-6, 270 and he can run in the 4.65-range and every school has called us about what he's going to do. He came to us because in Georgia, where he's from, you have the option of two different sorts of curriculum. You can go with the regular curriculum or go through a tech program and he chose the tech program and that won't cut it with the NCAA requirements because the core classes are different.

"We were just watching film one day and we saw him, on the first two plays on defense, he had a sack and a hurry and we said we'll take this guy. We got him up here and he's just blossomed for us. He's big and he's really strong and he's got really long arms. He uses leverage really well and he's just smart and a football player.

"He can make plays coming at him and plays going the other way. He can play at any big time program in the country.

"He has like 20 or 25 offers as of today. He's got Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Clemson, Auburn, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Missouri, Purdue and those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head right now.

"He's got really good grades and he's on track to get out of here in December."

LB Will Kassulker "He's our weakside linebacker. He's 6-4, 240 and was a preseason JC All-American last year, but he had to sit out because of some academic issues so he burnt up his redshirt last year. He'll be a two to play two guy and a lot of schools want to take a look at him this fall because he sat out all of last year and going into his second year he had everyone in the country looking at him.

"He runs in the 4.65 range, but he plays faster than that. He's rangy and he makes a boatload of tackles. He had something like 150 tackles as a freshman and he's just a difference-maker on defense.

"With him and Critt on the same side next year, it's going to be an awesome combination.

"I know North Dakota State is on him because he's a local kid. He's a smart football player, he's a good kid and he's very coachable."

S James Allison "He's from Lima, Ohio and New Mexico is the one that put us on to him. Bowling Green and Toledo were on him.

"He's a great guy that plays really well in space. He's a very smart football player and he's really aggressive. He understands our system now.

"I don't think he's a high D-1 guy, but he could play in a MAC program or a Conference USA program. He can play man-to-man and for a safety that really helps and he can do a lot of different things.

"He's 6-3, 200 and he runs a 4.5 and he plays really fast. He loves to run up and he just 'kills' people on running plays. Last year he had six interceptions and had two of them for touchdowns."

OG Ricky Henry - "On offense right now, probably our best player is going to be Ricky Henry. He's an offensive guard from Omaha, Nebraska he played at Berg High School and he's 6-4, 300 pounds and was a Nebraska recruit out of high school and right now we're working on getting him back there.

"He's gotten a lot of attention. He's a mean son-of-a-gun. He's a guy that a lot of schools have been asking about and he's probably going to be one of the best ones to come through here.

"Houston has offered him and I know that Colorado has offered him too. He dominates the game and he's a big-time player and he's really strong and gets after it."

TE Brandon Kohlwes "Brandon's 6-4, 260 and he's from Montana and he had Washington, Washington State and a couple of other schools looking at him out of high school, but he played eight-man ball so a lot of people took a wait-and-see approach with him. He's got good size, he runs well and he's got soft hands. He's a great blocker too and a lot of people have been inquiring about him.

"This year we're going to use the tight end a lot more than we did last year. Some of the schools that were in here visiting during the spring were asking about him. He's on a lot of teams' radars right now. He had a good spring and if he has a good fall, which we expect him to have, and we take advantage of his size and his ability to catch the ball he has a chance to go to a big program.

"He's got all the talent you want in a tight end. He was a little heavy during spring because he was about 280, but we're going to have him around 265 or 260 for fall and he's going to really be a good guy for us."

WR/CB Jason Carlson "I think the thing is people are going to recruit him as an athlete. It's still up in the air with him. I think the thing schools are really impressed with is his speed. We've had him on hand-held timings at like a 4.26 and a 4.29 so he's a legit 4.3 guy.

"He's 5-11 and 190 pounds and he's out of Minneapolis. The kid can flat-out fly. As a defensive back he'll knock the crap out of you and as a receiver he can run by you and he's got soft hands. We've decided we're going to put him out at receiver because of his speed.

"His talent-level is great and he has all the ability in the world to play wherever he wants to play. He'll probably be a D-1AA guy or a lower-level D-1A guy. It kinda just depends on how much he wants it."

Other players to keep an eye on: S Kyle Weinandt, DT Kyle Richardson, OT Mike Thornton

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