Georgia Military College Preview

Georgia Military College is loaded with talent this year and they already have a couple of players committed to BCS schools. was lucky enough to speak with head coach Bert Williams earlier this week and he gave us a preview of the players to keep an eye on this fall.

Offensively, the Bulldogs have some talented skill players and a big offensive line. They are lead by their returning signal-caller. Here's a look at who to watch on the offensive side of the ball.

QB Carlton Fears "Carlton is a really smart football player. He runs really well, but he's more of a drop-back guy who can pick a defense apart and then hurt you with his running when things break down. He can make all the throws and he's really, really accurate. He's got great feet and he's really improved his mechanics a lot so he's gotten much more accurate."

RB Jarrell Crawford "He's a little on the small side (5-8, 190), but he's really stout and he's got exceptional quickness. He'll surprise people with how strong he is and he just loves contact so he'll run over you if that's all he has in front of him.

"He's a great runner, but he might be an even better receiver. We love using him in that capacity out of the backfield. He's a big player for us."

WR Roddell Carter "He's big (6-5, 215) and he's got great hands. Basically, he's as good as we've ever had here and we expect him to be our go-to guy this fall.

"He can run all the routes and he's really strong and really physical. He's an amazing athlete.

"He'll graduate this December and he's already got a ton of people recruiting him so he'll go to a big-time program."

TE Chris Spivey "We have two really good tight ends this year. Chris is our physical guy who can really seal off the edge on running plays. He's 6-4, 260 and he just mauls people on running plays.

"He's also improved as a receiver and we'll use him in all of our sets."

TE Patrick Wilkinson "Patrick is our big-time guy at tight end. He was a 2nd Team All-American last year as a freshman. He's huge (6-6, 245) and he's just about the best receiver I've ever seen at the tight end position.

"He'll be a mid-year (December) guy and he's already got offers from Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Kansas State and South Carolina."

OT Lionel Mapp "People don't believe me when I tell them how big he is, but he's a legit 6-7, 380 and he's an amazing athlete for being as big as he is and he's just a mean S.O.B. He's not a lard-ass at all and he can move very well. He's really strong too. I'm not sure what his bench is, but once he latches on to a guy that guy isn't going to make a play."

C Tim Moore "He's the anchor for us up front. He's super-quick and he's really smart when he's out there. He's got a good initial punch and his footwork is excellent and that allows him to pull and that's something that isn't very easy for centers to do."

On defense, the Bulldogs run a 3-3-5 stack that allows them to show a bunch of different looks with athletic linebackers and a rover that can support the run or drop back into coverage. They are led by one of the top JC safeties in the country.

S Donsay Hardeman "If there's a better safety in the country, I'd love to meet him. Donsay is an amazing player. There's nothing he can't do on the field.

"He's got a knack for always being around the ball and making the plays necessary to get us out of jams. He could play corner for most programs in the country, but he's best suited to play free safety. It's rare for a guy his size (6-2, 215) to be able to turn and run with receivers like he can. He's got outstanding speed too.

"He could play for any program in the country, but he's committed to Illinois and he'll graduate this December."

LB Jeff Banks "He's 6-2, 235 and he's got excellent speed and instincts. He's already got some D-1A offers. Marshall is the biggest one that I can think of off the top of my head, but he's got a lot of programs looking at him.

"We run a 3-3 defense and he can play pretty much any of our three linebacker spots, but he's more of an inside guy."

DE Malcolm Bennett "He brings a lot of effort and leadership to our defense. He never stops and he's got a great motor. Because of his size (6-2, 265) he's probably going to end up being a guy who goes to a 1AA school and dominates.

"He's just as good as any of the guys we've had here and one of them (Jarius Wynn) was a top JC guy last year that ended up at Georgia. Bennett is just as good as any of those guys."

DE Jarriel King "He's big (6-6, 280) and he's got exceptional speed and quickness for a man his size. He'll just be a devastating pass-rusher at the next level and he's already got a ton of offers, but he's already committed to South Carolina."

DT Leroy Burgess "We love Leroy and what he brings to our team. He's a nose guard for us, but he could be a three-technique guy in the right system. He's quick and he knows how to use angles to get inside of blockers and cause problems."

DE Corey Moon "He transferred to us from West Georgia and we're really happy to have him with us. He's 6-4, 260 and he can run really, really well and he just gets after it when he's in there.

"He's already being recruited by a lot of big schools. Auburn, South Carolina, Marshall and Georgia are all on him pretty hard."

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