Ward still keeping options open

Early commitments from football prospects have been the norm the past few years and one of the earliest for the 2008 class was Santa Rosa DB Clarence Ward (5-11, 190) who committed to Arizona in early March. He's intent on staying a Wildcat, but should things not work out he's still looking to pull in some other offers.

"I'm still very committed to being a Wildcat," Ward told JCFootball.com. "But they have stricter requirements for JC transfers and if I don't qualify for them, then I might need to go somewhere else so I'm sorta looking to get some more offers just to keep my options open."

Schools who have been showing interest in Ward of late are Kansas State and UNLV and he's hoping some east coast schools also will get in the mix.

"I love the SEC and the football culture down there," Ward said. "I was committed to LSU pretty early and that was the school I really wanted to go to, but I think I kind of burned a bridge with them so I'm not going to be able to go there.

"Virginia Tech is a great school and so is Florida and maybe another SEC school or ACC school would be good to look at."

After he graduated from Pensacola High School in Florida, Ward signed with Florida State and headed to Tallahassee hoping to make a new life for himself, but things didn't really work out with the Seminoles.

"I loved my time there, but I have a two year old son (he was a newborn then) and my mind just wasn't on school," Ward said. "I just couldn't concentrate because my son was so far away and I wanted to be close to him so I just didn't take school that seriously.

"I left there and went to Texas Tech because they knew that I was coming to Texas to be close to my girlfriend and my son, so they offered me a scholarship. But because I had let my grades slip so much I just couldn't get myself right with the academics."

Now at his third school in three years, Ward is finally on the right track in the classroom and he'll have his son close to him wherever he ends up.

"The biggest thing for me in ending up at Arizona is ‘can I get there in the spring?'" Ward said. "Some of those SEC schools don't have the same tough requirements to get in and I could be done in December, but with Arizona I don't know if I'm going to be able to do that and that's a big thing.

"So I'm just working hard and hoping some of those other schools get involved and they seem like they might here in a few months."

Wherever Ward ends up he'll have two years to play two, but he maintains he is still expecting to be a Wildcat.

We'll have more from Ward as the season gets underway.

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