Fullerton College Preview

This year Fullerton College head coach Gene Murphy has several talented skill-players who he thinks have a chance to be big-time players in the fall. JCFootball.com was able to speak with him recently and talked about some of his top players and some other prospects to keep an eye on as the season progresses.

S Matt Estrada "We have three or four really good safeties this year and Matt is probably the best of the three. His size (5-11, 180) makes it seem like he should be at cornerback and he can definitely play that, but he hits like a ton of bricks and he makes plays all over the field.

"I'm a big believer that if you have a good safety that can play cornerback, when you get down to the redzone then you throw him back out there and let him have at it. He's that good and he can also return punts and kicks and be really effective in that role.

"He's most definitely a D-1 guy, but he's a 4-2-4 player who transferred here from Idaho so he has to get his AA and he's going to probably have to be here until May."

S Dache Fance "He's our big safety. He's 6-1, 225 now and his speed is pretty good for a guy his size and he's great against the run and we rely on him to be sort of an enforcer for us.

"We play a true free safety and strong safety and Dache will be that guy down in the box for us. He's a really solid player."

S Dwight Mclean "He's a great kid and a great player and he's going to get his AA probably in the spring so teams are going to have to wait on him, but he's a special player.

"Quite a few schools have been looking at him and talking to him and he's a great prospect. He's big and physical and he can make plays anywhere back in the secondary."

CB Conrad White "He's a solid cover-guy for us and he's kind of a wait-and-see player. He's got great quickness and good feet and he breaks well on the ball, but he's kind of a borderline D-1 player right now."

LB Steven Downs "He's a bounce-back from Utah State and he's already got his AA degree so he can leave right after the season is over.

"He's an excellent outside linebacker for us and he's just a special player with good speed and smarts. He can really run.

"Another great thing about him is that with his size (6-2, 240) he can easily play inside if that's where a team wants him to play. He can run really well and he's a tough, physical player."

WR Marquis Avery "If we could get some weight on him he'd be unstoppable. He's 6-4, 190 and he's worked really hard on getting his body and strength up but he still needs to get a little more weight on him which I'm sure he could do at a four-year program.

"He has excellent speed for a player his size and he even returns punts as well. He's pretty versatile and he's got a lot of potential.

"Ole Miss is the biggest school after him right now, but I think he'll have a lot of schools looking at him by the end of the year."

WR Ray Magee "He needs to get his AA degree and he should get it next spring, but he's an outstanding athlete and he has the best hands on our team, no question. He played basketball for us too. He's a great player out there and then he uses that quickness to really take it to defenses."

WR Maciej Smolinski "He's a prototypical possession guy and he's just got a knack for getting open and making plays when we need him to. He's going to have a shot to be a D-1 guy and with a big year he should have some good schools to choose from."

K Carlos Reyes "He's the best directional kicker I've ever seen and he's got a really good leg. He can kick or punt, but he's going to be a kicker at a four-year school. He's a quality kid and was 2nd Team All-Conference last year. He'll get recruited by a few schools before it's all said and done."

Other Fullerton players to keep an eye on this fall: QB Kyle Olson, LB Steve Wulff, LB Reid Worthington (RS Fr.), OL Joe Witeck, TE Tanner Maher and S Brian Lowe.

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