Lackawanna Preview

Lackawanna head coach Mark Duda led his Falcons to an undefeated season 2006 and he's hoping that success will lead to even more this year. was able to catch up with the energetic head man and he talked about the playmakers he has on each side of the ball and he said it all begins and ends with his man under center.

QB A.J. McKenna – "He's 6-5, 225 and he basically helped us win every game last year. He's a great, great quarterback.

"He can make all the throws and he's really accurate, whether he's throwing on the run or standing strong in the pocket. He's really great at throwing on the run because he keeps his eyes up, but he also has great mechanics that help him put it right on the money. He can also make something out of nothing when things break down.

"He's a mid-year guy and he was a full-qualifier. Western Carolina has offered him already and teams like North Carolina State, North Carolina, Virginia and other schools like that are recruiting him pretty hard already."

RB Bloi-Dei Dorzan "He's an outstanding running back for us. He's 5-8, 200 and he's a true 4.3-guy.

"Just to let you know what kind of an athlete he is, his cousin is Vernon Davis who's out there in San Francisco tearing it up.

"He's one of the best backs we've had here and he's one of the most powerful and gifted players I've ever seen. He's going to be a big-time guy."

WR Donald Jones "He signed with Wisconsin out of high school and he's just a tremendously talented player. He's 6-0, 190 and he's a sub-4.5 guy. He's really explosive and he's got great hands and he's really improved his route-running so he's pretty much a complete wideout.

"Syracuse is after him big-time and so are a bunch of other teams and of course Wisconsin is still after him and they want him back."

OG Brent Jervey "Brent is 6-3, 300 and he plays guard for us. He came to us out of Delaware and he's just got great feet and quickness. He really finishes his blocks and that's really what you want in a lineman.

"He's pretty athletic for a big guy and he can really move and pull for us down the field. He'll get out in May and he doesn't have any offers yet, but that'll pick up pretty soon."

S Pierre Louis "Pierre is super-quick and a great cover guy from the safety position. We do a lot with him back there in our secondary and he's a great player. He'll be out in May so teams are waiting on him a little bit, but he's a D-1 guy and he'll have a bunch of teams after him this fall."

S Lewis Carter "He transferred to us from Fort Scott and we're really happy to have a guy like him on our defense. He's 5-10, 200 and he plays strong safety for us. He had a good spring and we expect him to be a real force for us this year from the strong safety spot."

DT Terrance Onyiuke "We love him. He's an inside guy for us and he's a really big and quick player. He's 6-1, 290 and he is just super-quick and super-strong. He's a very good player."

LB Mike Balogun "He's 6-3, 250 and he plays all over the place for us. He runs a legit 4.6 forty and he's just a special talent for the size that he is. We'll even drop him down and have him put his hand on the ground so he can rush the passer because he's that talented.

"At the next level I think he could easily play defensive end, but he'd be a great outside linebacker or even a good inside linebacker at a four-year so it will just depend on what the coaches think wherever he ends up. He's really good and we're happy to have him and his versatility on our squad."

LB Mike Evans "He's one of our outside linebackers. He's 6-1, 215 pounds and he really runs well and he's a great pass-rusher. He really gets after it and just has a knack for getting to the quarterback. He's an electric ballplayer."

Other Lackawanna players to keep an eye on this fall: OT Jeff Willis, OG Ryan Adams, WR Lee Anthony Fleming and QB Cory Yates.

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