Arizona Western Preview

Arizona Western head coach James Pryor has assembled a talented squad heading into his second season with the Matadors. He's very excited about his offensive leader and the talent he's got on defense could be the best they've had in years. was able to speak with Pryor and he gave us a preview of his top players and some other to keep an eye on this fall.

QB William Brogan "He's a really good player. He's done a really nice job for us. He signed with Hawaii out of high school and greyshirted with them and then redshirted last year, so he's only going to be a freshman for us.

"Will is the quarterback that we've been looking for to run our offense and we're just very, very excited to have a player with his smarts and abilities to lead our offense.

"He's a great athlete. He runs a 4.7 or 4.8 forty, but his football intelligence is off the charts and he's just really competitive and he's come from a great system already so we're expecting big things from him this fall. He should leave after this season and he'll have three to play three."

FB Brandon Tett "When you talk about Brandon, you could be talking about a player who could play almost anywhere. We've got him at fullback, but he could play linebacker or defensive end and he's a special teams guy for us that really just likes to hit.

"Oregon State tried to get him as a walk-on back when he was coming out of high school, but he didn't qualify so he came to us and he's been a really special player for us.

"He's got excellent running skills for a man his size (6-1, 240) and he runs a 4.5 forty time. He's also really, really strong. He put up 225 pounds 35 times this spring. He can also long-snap too and I think they had him timed at a pro level in that area so he can do pretty much anything a team needs him to do."

OT Joe Suder "Joe is a west coast guy that signed with Duke out of high school so you know he's got good grades and he's an excellent student. When he got here he weighed about 330 and we want him to play at about 315 so we're pretty close to where he needs to be.

"He's a big physical guy and he could play any one of our positions along the line because of his athleticism, footwork and his intelligence. He's already getting national attention from a lot of different schools so he'll have his choice of where he's going to end up."

OG Vuni Funaki "He's just a pure football player. He's an earthmover out there. He's got those wide legs and that wide base that you love in a player. He'll play right guard for us and be a rock for us there.

"We are really blessed to have some continuity along our offensive line this year and Funaki is a player that helps us out with that. We have some serious talent along our front line and he'll be at the center of that for us."

C John Roy "John is our third big-time guy along the offensive line. He shows up every day for work and he's really smart and is one of our leaders on offense.

"Oregon State wanted him to walk-on and that might be where he's looking to head this time too, but on a scholarship. He's a solid weight room guy. He benches 365 and squats over 550 pounds so he has the necessary strength to move guys and with his smarts and abilities, he'll be a great catch for a four-year school."

RB Kenneth Faumui "He's really fast (4.45) and he's got good size too (5-9, 180). We tried to redshirt him last year, but one of our top guys got hurt and he had to fill in and he started the last six games and got 600 yards so he's shown he'll be a guy who will get you 100 yards every time you put him out on the field.

"Right now he looks like a D-1AA guy, but you never know with players like him. He could catch someone's eye that is looking for a player with his abilities."

RB Torrie Coleman "Torrie came to us from UNLV and he was a national recruit coming out of high school. UNLV runs a spread offense, but he's probably a better fit for a pro-style offense because of his size (6-2, 215) and his excellent vision.

"At the combine in May he did really, really well. He ran a 4.4 forty time which was amazing for a player his size and he also had a 4.1 shuttle which is excellent. He's a great athlete so whoever decides to offer him will really get a big-time player and he can leave in December so that will make him a guy that is very attractive to four-year schools."

TE Tanner Fetui "We're blessed with two D-1 caliber tight ends this year. Tanner is a very hard worker and he's an excellent blocker and an underrated receiver. He's excellent in every area that you want a tight end to be good at.

"Hawaii and New Mexico State have already offered him and I imagine he'll see quite a few more during the season."

TE Donnie Crosby "He signed with UAB out of high school and didn't qualify so we are pretty lucky to have him. He's already got offers from Louisville, UNLV and Kansas State and Alabama is getting close to offering as well.

"He's really physical and he's a smooth runner. He posted a 4.7 forty during spring and I think he could end up being even faster than that. His brother and cousin both play in the NFL so he's obviously got the pedigree to play at the highest level."

WR Eric Young "He's 6-4, 210 and everyone is recruiting him right now. He was a full-qualifier out of high school and he could end up being a really solid player wherever he ends up. We're working on his routes and getting them a little bit more precise, but he has all the tools to be a really effective playmaker."

WR Joe Nairn "He was a big-time recruit coming out of high school and he was highly recruited. Wyoming ended up with him but he barely missed qualifying so he signed with us.

"His dad played in the NFL and he's just a super fast and really smooth athlete. We love his playmaking abilities and he's someone that will have a big future at the next level."

S/LB Will Johnson – "He could play strong safety or outside linebacker, depending on where a school wants him to play in their defense. He's super-fast. He clocked a 4.25 forty this spring and he can just fly and he loves to hit.

"He strikes better than anyone we've ever had here and that's saying something."

S Jeromy Jones "Jeromy was a full-qualifier out of high school and he's just a great player and a great kid. His brother coaches over at Colorado State and I think he's a Mountain West or a WAC guy. He's solid in coverage and we like his ball skills."

CB Tomasi Fuller "He's a great cornerback and really fluid in how he runs with guys. He ran a 4.4 for us and Oklahoma State has already offered him and I think he's going to have some more offers after teams get a chance to look at him this fall. He's a December guy too, so teams can get him in for spring which they really like to do."

S Terrance Lee "He's an outstanding safety and he can even play corner depending on the system. We use him a lot in man situations. Maryland liked him a lot coming out of high school and with his speed (4.41) and size (6-1, 185) I think you'll see a lot of teams step up on him during the season because he'll be done in May."

DE Josh Williams "He's probably one of our biggest recruits this year. He's 6-3, 260 and everybody is on him really early. Oklahoma, all of the SEC schools, Texas Tech, you name it, they've asked about him.

"He can really fly for a young man with his size. He ran a 4.6 for us this spring and that's really moving for a guy his size. He's as good as Luis Vasquez was for us last year and he was an All-American so that should tell you how special Josh is as a defensive end."

DT Mike Andrews "Mike's a really smart kid that can play the three-technique really well and just plug gaps and get after the quarterback. He's a solid 285 right now and he's just strong and a solid football player. We like him a lot."

LB Josh Cragin "He's a kid who could leave after this year. He was a full qualifier out of high school and a few schools like Alabama were after him, but with their coaching change they sorta fell off of him so he decided to come here and see what he could muster up. He's an outside guy, but I think he could play inside pretty easily too."

LB Rex Sharpe "He's our preseason All-American and just a fantastic player. He could play inside or outside and he's got quite a few teams looking at him already. We love his abilities to just run to the ball and be a violent player when he gets there. It's fun to watch him play the game and he's just solid in every aspect of the game."

Other Arizona Western players to keep an eye on this fall: DE Anthony Rhoades, RB Kimo Leug-Choi, WR Bernell Swinson, CB Drew Ueno, S Keauntea Bankhead, FB John Matos, DB James Lewis, DE Kelsey Punt, DT Kamalu Umu and CB Jared Williams

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