New Mexico Military Preview

New Mexico Military Institute has a proud tradition of producing solid football talent every year and the 2007 season is no different. Broncos head coach Jeff Lynn has several talented players on both sides of the ball and he spoke with recently about those players and some others to keep an eye on this fall.

WR Darrell Armstead "He's a 6-2, 180 pound receiver who runs a 4.4 and he's just a really good receiver. We love his ability and he verts 37 inches so he's just an amazing athlete as well as a good receiver.

"Last year, his stats weren't all that impressive but that was more our fault than his because we didn't really realize what we had with him. He's really sharpened up his routes and he's got great hands and he really understands the position.

"He'll graduate in December so that has a lot of schools really interested in him. Iowa State, New Mexico State and UTEP are all after him big time and there are quite a few other schools who are looking at him as well."

WR Darran Allen – "He's a great athlete and he has D-1 talent, but he's going to have to go D-2 because of his clock unfortunately.

"He transferred to us from Louisiana Tech and he came to us with a shoulder injury, but he's 100-percent now and we expect big things from him."

RB Ovi Escalomi – "He transferred here from Nichols State and he's just a ridiculous athlete. He ran a 10.42 100 so the kid can just fly and he's got great vision and he's a really good running back. He had a great spring for us and had 120 yards in our spring game.

"He's more of an outside guy and so a team needs to probably run a spread offense to help him be as successful as he can be and maybe move him out to the slot. He's going to be a great player for somebody though."

OL Freddie Hawkins "He was our best offensive lineman in 2006. He's very versatile and he can play almost anywhere along the line, but I think his best position is one of the inside spots. He's got great feet and he's just solid as a blocker and just a beast out there.

"He was a full-qualifier out of high school so he can leave at any time. He's just starting to reach his potential so he's got a lot of upside and he's got a lot of schools looking at him."

QB Brandon Zachery "Brandon will play quarterback for us, but he's probably going to need to play wide receiver or another position at the next level. He's a great athlete and he runs really well. He has great football instincts too which will help him adjust to another position.

"He was on scholarship at Nichols State and played some as a true freshman and then redshirted a year for us so he'll have two to play two after this season and he can leave in December."

LB Hollon Fui "He didn't play a whole lot last year, but he's a solid player and he's got a whole lot of athleticism. I think he's probably going to be a D-1AA guy, but you never know he could really catch someone's eye with his speed and quickness and they may want to look at him.

S Matt Harvey "He's a physical safety for us. He plays free safety in out system and he's got great range and speed. He's 6-2, 202 and he's got great instincts back there."

DE Mike Mosely "He's a really talented defensive lineman. He only played in about 40-percent of the snaps and still managed to get 9.5 sacks which was the second most in our conference.

"Because of his size (6-1, 220) he's probably going to have to play linebacker at the next level and he'd be ideal in a 3-4 scheme where he could just rush the passer, but if you put him in a position for him to play with his hand on the ground, he's got the quickness and surprisingly he's got the strength to get by tackles and rush the quarterback.

"He's got a lot of interest coming from a lot of different D-1 programs, but he's got a bit of work to do in the classroom right now so he's kind of a wait-and-see guy."

CB Troy Sievwright-Adams "He's from Toronto, Canada so he had a bit of a transition to the talent level and game, but he's an excellent athlete and he learns really quickly. He was a full-qualifier out of high school. He's a redshirt freshman and could leave in December, but he might need to stay another year depending on how he develops."

DE Dominic Smith "He's just a freakishly good athlete. In my days here and watching guys lift, I had never seen a guy power-clean 340 pounds and he did that. It was pretty amazing. He was also a 6'9" high jumper in high school.

"Grades are going to be the only thing that could hold him back, but he's put in a good deal of time concentrating on that area so he has a chance to make it.

"Middle Tennessee State, Texas A&M, New Mexico State, Oklahoma State and UNLV have all been looking at him and seem to like him."

CB McNeal Uwajeh "He's already got an offer from New Mexico State and he's got a bunch of other schools really, really interested in him. Kansas State, New Mexico, UTEP and a bunch of other ones are after him a lot. He might have some more offers but I haven't talked to him about it in a while.

"He's a really good corner and just makes plays all over the place, plus he's really big (6-1, 205) and he runs really well (4.4) so teams really love his abilities to man-up on guys out wide and in the slot."

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