College of the Desert Preview

College of the Desert head coach Dean Dowty has a lot of talented players coming back this year and he has one of the best defensive lineman in the country as well. was able to speak with the Road Runners' head man and he spoke about his top prospects heading into the 2007 season.

DT/DE Lonnell Rice "He's probably our top prospect this year. He's just an amazing athlete. He's 6-6, 300 and he can play inside or outside depending on the scheme. He can really run well and get the edge.

"He's basically had every school after him and he's got offers from Mississippi, Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State and several others. Schools like Texas A&M, Oklahoma, California, Arkansas and others have called and made contact with us about him."

CB Kevin Westmorland "He's an amazing athlete and a really good cover-corner. He had five picks last year as a freshman and we expect him to follow that up really well this fall because he had a great spring.

"He's got good size (5-11, 180) and he runs a legit 4.35 so he can really run and break on balls really well when they're in the air. Even though he's a coverage guy, he can still come up and hit you and play the run well."

LB Draye Ersery "Draye does everything 100%. He runs hard, plays hard, lifts hard and just eats, drinks and sleeps football. He loves to play the game and he's a really good outside linebacker.

"He's 6-0, 225 and he runs in the 4.6 range so he can cover most of the backs out of the backfield and even get out on a slot guy and jam him. He's got great instincts too."

DT Xeres Griffen "He plays nose guard for us and he's 6-2, 300 and he could be as good as anyone we've had here. He really stuff the run well and he can get pressure on the quarterback every now and then."

DE Floyd Wafer "He's really good off the edge as a pass-rusher. We like his ability to hold the point against the run and he'll combine with the other guys to make plays for us all over the field because he's got great speed (4.6) to go with is size (6-2, 265)."

DE Ismail Espinoza "He's our fourth returning starter along the line so he's got great experience and he's a solid player. He might be a better fit at a 1AA school, but he could play D-1 ball and be successful. He's got good size (6-1, 270) and strength so he can be a playmaker for us."

FS Tyson Randolf "He's an outstanding player and he's definitely got legitimate D-1 talent, but because of his clock he's going to have to go D-2. He's got excellent ball-skills and he'll come up and smack you when he's playing the run."

WR Dominique Allen "He's a big wide receiver. He's 6-4, 220 pounds and he runs a legit 4.5 in the forty. We love his overall potential and he just had a great spring so we're going to be counting on him to be a big-play guy for us on the outside.

"We haven't had a player like him who could just go up and get it. He's a prototypical west coast wide receiver with his size and the way he can run with the ball in his hands. We have had a lot of schools asking about him and they've said they will be looking at him pretty closely this fall."

OL Mike Cronshagen "Mike is so versatile that he could play anywhere along the line at the next level and he's done it here for us too. He played tackle and guard for us last year with his excellent feet and this year we're going to have him play center most likely because he's smart and a good leader.

"He's 6-4, 320 and he moves really well. He can run block or pass block with equal effectiveness and he's got a big of a nasty streak and likes to get after people."

WR Gavin Page "Gavin transferred to us from Mesa State and we feel he can be really a big player for us. He had an outstanding spring for us and he uses his body really well to shield defenders and to make plays on the ball.

"He runs really well. I think he posted a 4.5 in our testing and he's 6-1, 205 so he'd be a good fit in almost any program and what they are looking for."

WR Quade Soffel "He was our leading receiver last year and he'll battle with Page and Allen for time, but he's a solid player and a good receiver. He runs well, probably in the 4.5 range and he catches everything we throw to him."

RB Undre Sails "His size (5-8, 185) will probably mean he has to go 1AA or D-2, but he's a good back and he can really make plays in many different ways. He can return kicks and catch the ball well out of the backfield too. He'll probably split time with some of the younger players we have coming in this fall."

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