Toth is a big time center

Now that the JC-Gridwire All-American team has been announced, we're going to do our best to get in touch with as many players as possible and get updates on them. First up this week is Grand Rapids C Nick Toth (6-4, 295) who combines strength and smarts to be one of the top JC pivot men in the country.

"We lost on Saturday and I got a slight concussion, but I'm good to go this week," Toth told "It was a tough hard-fought game, but we just couldn't really get going. Now we have Dupage this weekend and they're 2-0 so we really need to get off to a good start against them because they're a talented team."

Toth prepped at Chelsea High School in Michigan and signed with Eastern Michigan, but his GPA wasn't good enough to qualify.

"I didn't have the GPA so I decided to come to Grand Rapids," Toth said. "They have a really good program here and it is close to home so I thought this would be the best situation for me and I'm happy that I stayed here."

When he arrived on campus, Toth was switched inside to center, a position he'd never played before, and was asked to learn the complexities of the pivot spot.

"Yeah, that was pretty difficult," Toth recalled. "Just learning how the get the snap off and then taking your first step in the right direction so you aren't off balance and stuff like that. It was pretty hard early on.

"But then I really started to get it down and now I'm pretty comfortable doing it and it's fun because I have control over the line calls and reading the defense so it's a lot more fun this year."

Toth said he worked hard this summer on his shotgun snaps and said he's gotten them much more consistent.

"I get the spiral to the quarterback every time," Toth noted.

On the recruiting front, Toth is hearing from several programs and said he's just taking things one step at a time.

"The coaches handle most of our recruiting, but I've got a few that have emailed and sent me stuff this summer," Toth said. "I'm getting ready to send Arizona some film because they asked me for some and Michigan State, Toledo and Utah have really been sending me a lot of information and they really seem interested.

"I'm looking for a winning program and location will be a little bit of a factor for me and then academics of course will play a part. I want to major in criminal justice so that's important as well."

Toth plans to graduate in December and will have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

We'll have more from this talented center as the season moves along.

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