Rausch is putting up huge numbers

A top passer in the JC football ranks this year has been College of the Desert QB Brent Rausch (6-4, 190). He's put up some big numbers while leading the Roadrunners to a perfect 8-0 record and JCFootball.com was able to speak to him recently and he updated us on his journey to playing for COD as well as which program just started showing him some interest.

"We've been playing well and we're going up against another undefeated team this week so we'll keep getting tested," Rausch told JCFootball.com.

Playing in one of the biggest JC talent pools in the country is a far cry from the eight-man football he played at Desert Chapel in Palm Springs.

"The transition wasn't as tough as I thought it would be, but there are some differences," Rausch said with a laugh. "The windows down in eight-man are ten times wider than they are in 11-man and you only have three lineman in eight-man so I learned a lot of my scrambling from playing at that level.

"Reading defenses isn't that much different though. I can still see the safeties and the linebackers in how they get into their drops and their sets."

Desert head coach Dean Dowty knows he's struck gold with his small-school standout.

"Brent Rau sch has great poise and excellent vision," Dowty said recently. "He has one of the best releases I have ever seen at this level. He has those intangibles that you just can't coach. He is a winner!"

For the season Rausch has completed 64-percent of his passes for almost 1,800 yards while tossing 21 touchdowns and three interceptions.

On the recruiting front, Rausch has just begun to get some interest from a school with a prolific passing game and he hopes things heat up in the next few weeks.

"Hawaii was by last week and I met their quarterbacks coach," Rausch said. "I didn't get to talk to him very long, but my coaches said they are interested in me.

"They have a great program and I like their offense a lot. I think I could be successful in that system and have a lot of fun playing in it."

Rausch redshirted in 2006, so he actually could come back to Desert if things don't materialize.

"I'd like to visit them and see how serious they are, but I'm not sure where things will go form here," Rausch said. "We have an off week in two weeks so that would work out perfectly, but I'm not sure yet."

Because Rausch was a full-qualifier out of high school he can leave at any time and would have three years to play three were he to leave in December. If not, he plans to return next year to try to earn some offers next year.

We'll have more from Rausch in the coming weeks as recruiting begins to heat up.

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