Defensive mentality helps Jones on offense

One of the more unknown quantities in the JC ranks this year has been Butte OT Darias Jones (6-5, 350). He's had an outstanding season for the Roadrunners and he's just now starting to gain the attention of some four year schools. caught up with Jones recently and he talked about his switch from defense to offense and he updated us on recruiting as well.

"I played defensive tackle last year and it helped me a lot in my transition to offense actually," Jones told recently. "It helped me to recognize certain defensive alignments so that I could know what they were going to try and do and that helped me counter that."

Jones used his size and quickness to be a successful defensive tackle at Greensboro College in 2006, but a call from his cousin, David Sims, got him thinking about switching coasts last winter.

"I thought a change would be good and I knew Butte had a great program out here of producing guys and moving them on," Jones said. "It's been a good move for me and now I'm really feeling comfortable on offense."

Jones plays right tackle for the Roadrunners and has amassed 29 pancakes while only allowing one sack this year.

"It was different being a little less aggressive in my technique, but it's still football," Jones said. "I got it down pretty well and I think I'm just now starting to play to my potential."

On the recruiting front, Jones has just begun to hear from several four-year programs.

"Boise State, Arkansas State, Florida Atlantic and Texas State have all called and wanted film and my transcripts," Jones said. "I'm working to get the film out to them and to see about that stuff.

"I'm basically open to everyone and they are all looking at me as an offensive lineman."

Jones will graduate in May and will have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

We'll continue to follow Jones' progress over the coming weeks as the recruiting season kicks into full gear.

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