Staden is having a big season

One player in the Cali JUCO ranks who is a versatile playmaker is DeAnza RB Chantz Staden (5-11, 200). He's had an outstanding season so far for the Dons and he's started to pop up on some four-year schools' recruiting radars. caught up with Staden recently and he talked about what makes him so tough to handle and what led to him switching from Foothill to DeAnza over the summer.

"I was all set to attend Foothill this past spring but some things changed down here at DeAnza and so that's why I'm here," Staden, who was a captain on the Foothill squad in 2006, told "It had nothing to do with Foothill being a bad place or anything against the coaches there, but they hired my old high school coach here at DeAnza as the offensive coordinator and that really was big because he knows how to use me and what I do best."

And what is it that Staden does best?

"Yards after catch is my thing," Staden said matter-of-factly. "I usually am the underneath guy who can take a pass and then get past the first line and make a play.

"I never go down with the first hit or with an arm tackle. My coaches like to get me in space and then let me work and it's been fun for me this year."

As a runner, receiver and returner Staden has been huge for the Dons in 2007. He has 500 yards rushing and nine touchdowns, 44 receptions for 741 yards and seven more scores as well as 275 yards on punt and kick returns.

"We throw a lot of laterals so I get rushing yardage for that," Staden said. "I can usually take a lateral like that and get five to 10 yards pretty easily and that's what we've been doing."

To go along with Staden's impressive skills as a runner, he also has excellent physical numbers -- 20 reps of 225 pounds on the bench as well as a 4.5 forty time.

On the recruiting front, Staden has just now started to hear from several four-year programs including some from east of the Mississippi.

"Portland State made contact and said I would fit their offense really well," Staden said. "Auburn, Arkansas and Arkansas State have actually called some too.

"I'm just looking for a chance to play somewhere and an offense that I can use my skills so I'm pretty much open to going anywhere," Staden said. "I don't have any offers so I can't really narrow anything down yet, but those two SEC schools really interest me because of the football they play down there."

Staden will graduate in May and will have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

We'll have more from Staden in the coming weeks.

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