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A little over a month ago, Grossmont DT Ryan Glazer (6-3, 290) was a commit to Kansas, but things took a turn early in October when the young man from southern California and his school of choice had a disagreement on his transcripts and he's been looking around for a new school ever since. Read on to see what schools are close to offering Glazer and his thoughts on recruiting as well.

"Yeah we basically had a disagreement on my transcripts and what not," Glazer told earlier this week. "Honestly, I really don't want to talk about that stuff because it's in the past.

"Basically, I decided to de-commit and start looking around and that's really where my focus is and I'll find the right school for me."

Grossmont finished the season 5-5 and Glazer was a big contributor along the front-four posting almost 40 tackles, three sacks and nine tackles for loss.

"I think I had a decent season, but it was a little frustrating," Glazer said. "They had me at the three-tech and I had a lot of double teams, but sometimes they moved me out to the five-tech so I was over the tackle and that really helped me get one-on-one's and that was a lot easier.

"I worked hard last year on getting my strength up because I wanted to hold up better against the run and my coaches said I did that well this year."

As far as recruiting is concerned, Glazer is looking at two Pac 10 schools and a Big 12 school who showed initial interest before his commitment to Kansas.

"Oregon actually called my coaches and told them they are really close to offering me," Glazer said. "They are supposed to call me soon so that they can talk to me and they said they will probably end up offering me then.

"Arizona invited me for their game against Oregon so I'm going there on an official visit," Glazer said. "I Fed Ex'd some film to them earlier this week and they wanted to get it and look at it, but I'm expecting to be there for their game on Thursday.

"Oklahoma State is the other school I need to get in touch with because they were really interested in me before I committed to Kansas and, they haven't been in touch with me since then, but I'm going to call them and see if things are still open."

Glazer will be able to sign in December with a school and will have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

We'll have more from Glazer in the very near future as he gets closer to making a decision.

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