Recruiting picks up for Rhodes

One of the top JC wideouts in the country this year was San Joaquin Delta College's Nick Rhodes (6-4, 200), but the recruiting attention hasn't come until very recently. spoke to Rhodes recently and he talked about the lack of attention as well as his big sophomore season for the Mustangs.

"Yeah it was a lot of fun this year," Rhodes told "I actually played at Pasadena last year and we had a really great season, but things didn't work out for me down there financially and Delta was really close to where I live, because I live with my grandparents to save money, so it just worked out better.

"In the Mission Conference, you know, every game there is a ton of talent that you're going to be going up against every week and when I came up here I knew the competition wouldn't be at the same level, but every day in practice I faced off against two All-American corners every day so that really was what helped me excel this year."

Rhodes posted 83 receptions for 1,183 yards and eight touchdowns as a sophomore and he said he can do anything an offense needs to help them be successful.

"I can go down the field or run across the middle," Rhodes said. "I don't really care. My quarterback can trust me to get the yards needed for a first down and I can read defenses well when they zone-up so I can find the soft spots and exploit them that way too."

On the recruiting front, three schools have made contact recently and he's hoping more get involved in the near future.

"Arizona State, Kansas State and Tulsa are the three main ones right now," Rhodes said. "Kansas State actually wants to bring me and one of our cornerbacks, Dayshaun Webb, in as package deal so that's kind of what we're looking at right now, but nothing is official and I don't really have any offers yet.

"I'm not too stressed about it right now, but I'd like to start seeing some more teams get involved so I could have more choices. I'm pretty much open to everyone so every school has a chance with me if they want me."

Rhodes expects to graduate in May and will have three years to play two at the next level.

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