Two making push on Ransom

One of the more talented JC backs this past season was Hudson Valley's Bobby Ransom (5-9, 200). He struggled with an ankle injury this season, but still managed to put up solid numbers while earning All-Conference honors as well. He has two suitors coming on strong for his services and he's got on visit set up.

"I'm going to be at Memphis on January 18th," Ransom told recently. "They have been coming after me pretty hard and the coaches are pretty cool and I will be there late next month.

"They haven't offered me yet, but there is a good chance they will offer me when I'm there. They said they should know a week or two before what they are going to do."

Another school in hot pursuit of Ransom's services is Maine, who have also broached the subject of a visit as well.

"Maine has been coming on strong too," Ransom said. "They want me to visit soon, but we haven't set anything up.

"There's a chance to go into both places and get playing time so I really like both of them.

"I want to play D-1 though so I'm thinking that if Memphis offers me, that's where I'm going to go."

We'll continue to follow Ransom's progress over the next few weeks and update things as they change.

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