Trudnowski has arm, will travel

Everyone knows the most important position on a team, the one that can make the difference between a winning season and losing season, is the quarterback and one of the top returning starters the Cali JC ranks next year is L.A. Harbor's Andrew Trudnowski (6-3, 220). caught up with the gun-slinger from southern California and he updated us on his offseason and on recruiting as well.

"My offseason's going well," Trudnowski told recently. "I weighed 200 last year during the season and so far I've put on 20 pounds and that isn't from McDonald's or sitting around playing video games, I've been working on my speed and my legs and on putting on muscle."

Trudnowski prepped at Palos Verdes High School in California and had some schools looking at him, but he decided to go the JC route when he didn't get a D-1 scholarship offer.

"I had some schools looking at me and I had a couple D-2 offers, but I said to myself that I wasn't going to go to college unless I had a scholarship for football," Trudnowski said. "When those scholarships didn't come about, I started looking around and I had planned to go to El Camino, but my coaches told me I should take a look at Harbor so I checked it out and I just fell in love with the place.

"They run the spread here and that means the quarterback has a lot on his shoulders and I threw the ball a lot last year, so it's really a quarterback friendly offense. I also really liked the coaches and the players and it just fit me the best."

Last year for Harbor, Trudnowski put up solid numbers in his first season of college football. He completed 50% of his passes for over 2,500 yards and had 22 touchdowns and 16 interceptions and for his efforts he was named 2nd Team All-Conference

This year, he noted he's focused on the finer points of the quarterback position.

"I really want to get better at reading defenses," Trudnowski admitted. "I'm getting in the film room and looking at tape of defenses so I can recognize them better and be able to exploit their weaknesses.

"I also am getting faster so I can hurt teams with my running. I'm pretty fast, but it takes me a while to get started, so I'm working on my agility and my quickness. I'm more of a drop-back guy, but I can hurt teams with my legs if they forget about me."

On the recruiting front, Trudnowski has heard from two schools who run the spread and seem to be interested in taking a longer look at him.

"Hawaii has been the main one," Trudnowski said. "They seemed pretty interested and I think they'll be looking at me this spring and evaluating me.

"Kansas also called and they are a school that runs the spread offense really well. They had a good year and I think they'll be another school that will be recruiting me."

While Trudnowski feels comfortable in the spread offense, don't be fooled, he can run a conventional/well-balance team as well.

"I like running the spread, because it's so quarterback friendly, but balanced offenses are fun too," Trudnowski said. "I ran a balanced offense in high school and I like having a strong running game, because that takes the pressure off the passing game and really makes defenses wonder what you are going to do."

Because Trudnowski is a 4.0 student and was a full-qualifier out of high school, he can leave at any time, but he plans to sign a scholarship in December and when he arrives on campus with a four-year school, he'll have three years to play two.

We'll continue to follow Trudnowski's progress during the spring evaluation period and update things as they change.

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