Yuba College Preview

In 2007, the Yuba College 49ers had a stellar defense that helped lead them to an 8-2 record. This year, the coaches hope an improved offense will lead them to an even better record and Defensive Coordinator Tomas Rodriguez took the time to talk to us about some of the top prospects, including DE John Robles (Pictured), to keep an eye on this fall when Yuba takes the field.

DE John Robles - "He's out top guy this year and everybody is asking us about him. He's 6-3, 220, so he needs to put on a little weight to stay at defensive end, but he led the state in sacks last year with 16 and I personally think he had more than that, but that is the official number.

"He was a Third Team All-American and he's just an amazing athlete. He's so quick and he's got good size and athleticism. He could play defensive end at the next level and I think he could play outside linebacker, but he's a better fit at defensive end.

"He played at Booker T. Washington in Sarasota, Florida and everyone who watched him in high school said he could be a great D-1 defensive end so that's where I think he's going to end up.

"California has called me specifically about him and we've been getting inquiries from schools like Arkansas State, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, UNLV, Washington State, Arizona, Arizona State, pretty much every conference out there has a school calling us or asking us about John.

"He's most likely going to be done with school in December, but he might need to wait until May. He's a two to play two guy after this fall."

S Carlos Canez - "Carlos is a great tackler and he's very athletic. Schools are just starting to show a lot of interest in him.

"He's a great technician and he's got excellent instincts and he just gets after it.

"Last year, we had to shut him down after a couple of games because of an injury so he might be able to get a medical redshirt and get a year back. If he does, he'll be a three to play three guy. If he doesn't he'll be two to play two.

"He's 6-2 and a solid 210 and he runs really well. He could play outside linebacker at the next level, but he'll play strong safety for us."

CB Devon Tate - "Our head coach, coach (Ted) Hoal, loves this guy. He just arrived here this year from Gulf Coast College and apparently he's really good.

"Coach Hoal said he could end up being better than Dayton Guillory who was here last year and signed with Nevada. He's a guy that teams are going to want to pay attention to."

DE/OLB Joe Jackson - "He's going to have to go D-2 because of his clock, but there's no doubt in my mind he has the talent to play D-1 ball. He was All-State in high school down in Florida and he's been an amazing player for us.

"He finished second on the team and in the top five in the state in sacks with 11, but that was in four less games that John (Robles) had so you can see, this kid can really play."
CB Mike Fields - "He's 6-0, 180 and he's not the fastest corner, but he can play. He's really quick and he reads the ball well. He finished second in the state with seven interceptions. A lot of schools like him a lot, but he's going to have to go D-2 like Joe because of his clock."

RB Anthony White - "Anthony is a really good-looking kid. He's a great athlete and a heck of a football player. He could probably start for us at safety.

"He's 6-2, 205 and he runs really well. He's big and he's physical and he'll really help our offense out. We might even end up splitting him out and playing him at wide receiver. He's got great hands so that really gives us a lot of options.

"He'll be a two to play two guy after this season."

QB Alwan Lee - "He's super-athletic. Last year at Gulf Coast, he blew out his knee, but he's back now and he's a guy that will be a great asset for us on offense.

"He's 6-0, 185 and he'll be our QB, but he could play a number of positions at the next level because he's such a good athlete."

LS Dustin Phillips - "His size (6-0, 200) will prevent him from going D-1 probably, but I've never seen a dude long-snap like him. He's a big reason our record was so good last year.

"I know that sounds funny talking about a long-snapper like that, but it was amazing what he did for us.

"In 2006, we had at least one kick or punt per game blocked, but last year we only had one blocked and that was against Santa Rosa and that wasn't really his fault either."

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