Lots of early interest for Johnson

The old adage goes something like this -- "How one handles adversity will determine one's successes". If that statement is true, then Santa Rosa DB Everett Johnson (6-0, 185) has a chance to be very successful. After being hit by a car, cleaning up after a hurricane and a transfer, Johnson is on the verge of some big things. Read on to find out about his amazing story...

"I was at City College (of San Francisco) up until last year," Johnson told JCFootball.com recently. "I had to redshirt last year because I was a couple credits short of where I needed to be so, after looking at things, I decided to transfer to Santa Rosa and it was mainly because I felt like I needed a fresh start.

"I had a great time at City and it wasn't anything they did or didn't do. I just felt I needed a change and Santa Rosa has been great so I think it was the best thing for me."

As a senior at Thibodaux High School in Louisiana, Johnson was a standout on the gridiron and he hoped that a scholarship to a D-1 school was in the offing. However, things never seemed to pan out so he decided to head west to continue his football career.

"I was told that the Cali JC's were where the best ball was, so I started looking around," Johnson said. "City had it all. They had tradition, good coaches and they were one of the top JC's in the country so it was a pretty easy decision for me where I ended up."

Shortly after arriving at CCSF in early August of 2005, Johnson was cut down by a hit-and-run drunk driver who was never caught. He spent three days in the ICU and eight days in the hospital before heading back to Thibodaux to recover from his injuries.

"That was tough, but it wasn't that bad," Johnson said. "I had some head trauma and a sprained knee. What was really hard was my family was trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina."

The parish the family lived in was declared a disaster area and in the midst of all that, Johnson was trying to help his family as well as himself.

"I was more worried about my family than I was with myself honestly," Johnson said. "I knew I needed to get better though and to keep playing ball, so I just got determined to not let those things get in my way."

After returning to CCSF in 2006, Johnson saw his first playing time as a college player. Now, after sitting out the 2007 season due to credits, he's on pace to graduate this December following his season.

"I'm right on pace to be done after the season," Johnson said. "I'll have two to play two, so I'll be looking for some opportunities."

Those opportunities might be just around the corner.

"Southern Mississippi, Minnesota, Alabama and Houston are all in contact with me right now," Johnson said. "They are all showing a lot of interest in me and I'm pretty excited to see how that goes.

"Recruiting is a long process and I know that, but I'd like to have some options soon so that I know I will have something to look forward to next year."

Looking forward is what Johnson does best, although looking back at was he's accomplished and what he's overcome isn't so bad either.

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