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The value of a good punter is very under-appreciated. If you have a good one, he can give your team an advantage in field position and he can get you out of bad situations with his directional punting and strong leg. American River P Brad Langley (6-1, 200) is one of the best JUCO punters in the country and he's already got several schools looking his way.

Langley prepped at Woodcreek High School in Roseville, Ca. and he was a standout on his team as a punter, but his career didn't start out that way.

"I played soccer all the time when I was little and I was on a lot of teams then," Langley recalled. "I tried out for the football team when I was 13 or 14 and I was going to be a regular player on the field, but they needed a punter and since I was a soccer player too, the coaches thought it would be a good idea to try me there."

Langley, who is a good athlete, found success early and often as a prep punter and worked for three years with former Oakland Raiders punter and Hall-of-Famer Ray Guy at his camp.

"He's probably the greatest punter ever in the NFL so it's great to have a chance to learn from someone like him," Langley said. "We have pooch drills, shoe drills, drop drills and hangtime drills.

"It's pretty intense and real competitive so it really gets you prepared for what you will see in the games."

Last year for American River, Langley led Northern California with a 40.8 yard average on 50 punts including a 67-yarder, eight punts over 50 yards and 12 downed inside the 20.

"I had a good year, but I really am focused on getting the ball off quicker this year," Langley said. "They quicker I get it off the less time my guys need to hold their blocks and they can leave and get down to cover the kick."

On the recruiting front, punters aren't like other players because there isn't a rush to get offers out to the top prospects, however Langley already has several schools who've inquired about his services.

"I've gotten a couple calls from Missouri and Arizona State called my coaches asking about me," Langley said. "North Carolina has also called and asked for my transcripts so I have a few schools interested in me.

"All of them are looking to bring me in after the season, so it isn't for this year. I'll stay here, finish out my season and then sign with someone after the season in December."

Langley was a full-qualifier so he can leave at any time, but wherever he ends up, he'll have three years to play two following the 2008 season.

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