Mcullough spends his time in the backfield

A versatile linebacker who also is a gifted pass-rusher, Pierce DE/LB Brian Mcullough (6-1, 237) is a player who has caught the eye of several BCS programs. caught up with the talented defender who hails from the Sunshine State and he updated us on his offseason, his move to the west coast and how recruiting is coming along.

"I've been real happy out here," Mcullough said when asked about his move to Los Angeles from Apopka, Florida. "It's a lot different, but there are a lot of good things out here and I really like it here.

"I got recruited by a lot of schools out of high school, but my grades just didn't work out so I decided to go JC and I knew a lot of great football was out here and my coaches knew one of the coaches here so it just worked out."

As a freshman at Pierce, the athletically gifted Mcullough managed wrack up 54 tackles, an amazing 34 tackles for loss and nine sacks.

"I spent most of my time in the backfield," Mcullough said without a hint of cockiness. "I made a lot of plays back there.

"I played mostly at linebacker last year, but they used me on a lot of blitzes and on passing downs I played defensive end so I spent a lot of time tackling guys behind the line."

Mcullough noted one thing he's had to learn is to not be as aggressive with his rush as he was used to in high school.

"Out in Florida and in the south, it's all about power football and aggressiveness," Mcullough said. "Out here, the offenses are a lot more complex and you have spread, and five-wide and they run different formations, so I can't be just flying to the quarterback without being in control.

"I need to be aware of my assignments and just let the game come to me and that will allow me to be good against the run or against the pass."

Regardless of what he considers his downfall, schools have really started to show an interest in the versatile defender.

"South Florida, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Oregon State have all been contacting me and my coaches,"Mcullough noted. "They all like my size and speed and they said they want to get a look at me this spring.

"My coaches think once teams see me again this spring that things will pick up. I'm patient so I can wait, but obviously, it would be great to get some offers."

Mcullough is on pace to graduate this December and after the season he will still have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

We'll continue to track Mcullough's progress through the May evaluation period and update things as they change.

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