Best JCs of All Time

It's not easy to trim all of the great players who have hit the junior college turf down to 28 players. We anguished over a number of decisions and finally came up with a blend of players who either had great JC seasons, or who turned JC talent into solid professional careers. (Photo: Walter Jones, OT, Seattle Seahawks)

One of the problems, of course, involved what to do with O.J. Simpson.  The "Juice" had brilliant JC, college and pro seasons and might well have made this team, but the three running backs picked are just dandy.  Cases could also be made for the likes of Mel Gray, Cory Dillon, Charley Garner, Mike Rozier, Ron Springs, Rudi Johnson, Tommy Reamon, Bruce Perkins  and Leroy King just to name a few.

As a youngster I saw Jackie Robinson play many times back in 1938 and he was probably most responsible for sending me on a lifelong cruise thru zillions of JC games and 48 years of publishing the J.C. Grid-Wire.  He was poetry in motion and the epitomy of a true triple-threat. Staubach was named QB because of his success wherever he played.  However, the likes of Warren Moon, Erik Kramer, Billy Kilmer and Steve Sarkisian certainly got more than a passing glance.

And, a side note for Joe Roth, who played QB so well for Grossmont in 1974 and then duplicated it at University of California.  Joe looked like a cinch first-round draft choice, but cancer took him before he even graduated from Cal.

Margene Adkins at Henderson in 1965-66 looked like a man among boys.  Dave Wilcox would make many all-time rosters, and what do you do with the likes of  Isaac Bruce, Steve Smith, Chad Johnson and T.J.  I went with Battle because he had one incredible year that was probably as good as it could get, leading the nation in scoring and the WRs in catching.

When you get down to it, I make no apologies for this team.  In my book it's the all-timer.

Roger Staubach, New Mexico Military 1960, Heisman winner great NFL QB.

Running Backs
Jackie Robinson, Pasadena 1937-38, noted for baseball, but terrific gridder too.
Maurice Morris, Fresno 1998-99, holds national 2-year yardage record.
Hugh McElhenny, Compton, 1947-48, great at Compton, Washington and NFL.

Tight End
Jim O'Bradovich, El Camino, 1971-72, good solid football player.

Wide Receivers
Keyshawn Johnson, West Los Angeles, 1993, born to be a star wherever he is.
Larry Battle, Reedley, 1969-70, had greatest single season by a WR ever in '70.

Offensive Linemen
Walter Jones, Holmes, 1994 perennial All-Pro is still at it.
Ron Yary, Cerritos, 1965, might have been best OL ever.
Duce Lutui, Snow, 2003, big, active and will play pro ball for years.
Larry Allen, Butte, 1991, hard to believe he is still starting in the NFL
Max Montoya, Mt. San Antonio, 1974, went on to star in the pros

Tom Dempsey, Palomar, 1967-68, held record for longest FG in pros for years -- 63 yards.

Defensive Linemen
Gino Marchetti, Modesto, 1948, tough football player did well in pros.
Isaac Sopoaga, Canyons, 2000, still holds record for most sacks in a JC season.
Charlie Weaver, Arizona Western, 1968, was just a notch better than others.
Mike Giers, Long Beach, 1960-62, two-time first team J.C. Grid-Wire All-American.
Guy Teafatiller, Cerritos, 1983, loved the way this lad played, all-out all the time.

Robert Jackson, Henderson County, 1974-75, was two-time JCGW All-American.
Ken Harvey, Laney, 1984-85, was one of best linebackers to come from JC ranks.
John Randle, Trinity Valley, 1994, had a long pro career.

Defensive Back
Jason Sehorn, Shasta, 1991, broke many JC records then starred at USC and pros.
Haven Moses, L.A. Harbor, 1964-65, played DB and WR.  Was a great pro.
Dick “Night Train” Lane, Scottsbluff,  1946.  Interception guy in pros.

Ruben Rodriguez, Sequoias, 1983-84, still holds the 2-year record for average.

Ollie Matson, San Francisco, 1948, ran with power and style.  A super.

James Bradley, Ellsworth, 1987-88, was AA one year as WR and next as punter.

This is just one man's opinion! But it's an opinion formed on 48 years of background knowledge.

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