Aker is a playmaker on the outside

One of the top JC receivers in the country this year is Rochester WR Anthony Aker (6-3, 205). He's moved around a bit, but he eventually found a home with the Yellow Jackets and last year he put up huge numbers while starting only eight games. JCFootball.com caught up with the playmaking wideout and he updated us on recruiting as well as his journey to the top of the JC ranks.

"I'm having a lot of fun here," Aker told JCFootball.com recently. "I went to Bradley Tech in Milwaukee and I signed with Wisconsin, but I didn't take Algebra One and we didn't find out until it was too late so I wasn't able to qualify.

"I decided to go to a D-2 school, Minnesota-Mankato, and I tore my hamstring so I needed to redshirt. Then I decided I wanted to give D-1 a chance again, so I decided to go to Fort Scott down in Kansas because I knew the coach down there and he asked me to come down there and play for him, but I just didn't like it down there. I was homesick and I wanted to get closer to my mom so I came up here to Rochester last summer and I've been really happy up here."

When Aker arrived, the Rochester coaches told him they liked what he had to offer the Yellow Jacket offense, but they let other players start in front of him.

"They were up front with me and told me they wanted to give these other players a chance to play since they had put in the time with them during the offseason," Aker said. "I was ok with it because they were right and I just learned the offense and worked on my game and when I got the chance, that's when I had to take advantage."

And boy did he ever.

Aker put up huge numbers while seeing only marginal playing time in the first four games of the season. In eight full games, Aker managed to post 70 catches for 1,362 yards and 15 touchdowns.

"I had six receptions of over 50 yards and this year we're focused on doubling that," Aker said. "I have good speed, I usually run in the 4.48 or 4.5 range, but I want to get that down so I've really been focused on my speed and agility drills to get faster and I think I'm going to be a lot more explosive this season."

On the recruiting front, Aker is already hearing from a plethora of D-1 programs, including the school he signed with three years ago.

"Wisconsin has been in contact again," Aker said. "I'm really interested in them. I like their program and their staff.

"TCU has been calling and Iowa, Illinois and Indiana have been sending me stuff. Ole Miss, Arkansas, Vanderbilt and Minnesota have also been talking to me a little bit."

Aker's mother is finishing up her college degree this spring, so being homesick won't be an issue again for him.

"She's going to hold off on getting a permanent job until I figure out who I'm going to sign with," Aker said. "She'll just move to be closer to where I end up so that won't be a problem.

"I'm open to everyone and I just want to find the right situation where I can compete and maximize my talent. The program, the coaches and the school are what I'm really looking at."

Aker is on pace to graduate this December and he'll have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

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