Evans lives in his opponents' backfield

A player you might not have heard much about at this point and time, but you will be during the season is L.A. Harbor DE DeQuin Evans (6-4, 248). He runs like a dear, has outstanding strength and that motor coaches love and even more he works hard in the classroom. JCFootball.com caught up with him recently and he updated us on how his offseason is progressing.

"They played me in the whole package last year," Evans told JCFootball.com as he took a break from the individual drills at Cerritos College on Saturday. "They've got me working on a bunch of run drills, how to shed blocks and pass-rush drills.

"I do my best to help out my secondary because I do anything without them and I've been working really hard on playing in the scheme, opening up holes for my linebackers so they can get through and just overall being a real ‘team-player' to help my whole team out."

Evans was one of the top performers at the combine, posting a 4.85 forty time, while also managing to put up 17 reps of 225 on the bench and he posted an amazing 4.1 short-shuttle time.

This spring, Evans said he's been focused on improving his overall knowledge of the offenses he's going to face.

"I'm working really hard on my ‘get off' right now," Evans said. "I'm also focused on reading the linemen and their sets so I can know when they are going to pull or trap and reach block me so I can figure out what they are trying to do."

Evans prepped at Dominguez High School in Compton and had some looks from D-1 schools who liked his size and athleticism, but he didn't have the grades he needed to move on to the next level, so he took a detour and headed to Harbor.

"I was ineligible my senior year because of my grades unfortunately," Evans lamented. "It was a good lesson because it made me come out here and reach for my goal a lot harder and work hard every day knowing that I could be playing D-1 right now, but I'm at a JC instead. It just makes me work harder every day."

As a freshman in 2007, Evans was solid, posting 33 tackles, 14.5 tackles-for-loss and five sacks.

On the recruiting front, Evans is hearing from schools like Oregon State, Kansas State, Oregon and quite a few other D-1 programs.

"I was always a Pac 10 fan, ever since I was a little kid so Oregon, Oregon State, USC and all of them are schools I'm liking," Evans noted. "Then schools like Fresno State because they're a tough team, Florida, Kansas and pretty much any D-1 school that wants to get me out and help me be successful, I'll look at them, honestly."

LSU and Kansas have tentatively offered Evans at this point, but he has to live up to certain things before those can be formalized.

"Both of them offered me verbally, it isn't written," Evans said. "They want to make sure I'm doing what I'm supposed to do in the classroom before they finalize it, but yeah, those two schools were the first to offer me so to speak.

"They told me they like me on the weakside, but they both said they like me as an all-around defensive end so they said they think I can be successful at either strong or weakside, but weakside is where they are projecting me. They will put me in any kind of system and they think I can be successful."

Evans will graduate from Harbor in May of 2009 and he'll have three years to play two when he arrives on campus.

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