Guglielmi uses strength to his advantage

Players from north of the border sometimes have a tough time coming to the states to play football because their academics don't tranfer very easily. Such is the case with Butte DT Carlo Guglielmi (6-0, 290), who has all the skills necessary to be an outstanding nose tackle at the next level. He updated recently about his move to the US as well as his adjustment to life in America.

"It's been a pretty easy transition for me honestly," Guglielmi told recently. "Life down here is great and I feel really comfortable with things.

"The game here is a lot quicker and guys are a lot bigger and stronger, but it wasn't hard for me to adjust to things and I think I've done pretty well."

As a freshman for the Roadrunners last fall, Guglielmi posted 23 tackles, eight tackles-for-loss and five sacks from his nose tackle position.

"My strength and my quickness are my biggest assets," Guglielmi said. "I bench 365 pounds and and I squat 500 pounds and I've only really been working out for about a year or a little longer than that.

"I can also flow to the ball pretty well and the coaches say I read the plays well and get to where I need to be quickly."

Guglielmi prepped at an academy in Kelowna, British Columbia before coming to Butte.

"Up there, we didn't even have football in high school, so I played on a junior league team and I didn't even start doing that until I was 18," Guglielmi said. "I was going to play at a college up in Canada, but someone directed me to Butte because they thought I would have a chance to play college ball in the US so I came down here and I've had a lot of fun.

"I actually played a lot of soccer growing up, so that has really helped me with my footwork and quickness. I hit a growth spurt in 10th grade and I was up to 265 and that's when people said I should consider playing football."

On the recruiting front, Guglielmi has already been hearing from several D-1 programs and recently took an unofficial visit to nearby California.

"Man, that place was just amazing," Guglielmi said. "Their facilities were great and we just went out in the stadium and I stood there just looking around and my jaw was just dropping because it was so big.

"Their coaches offices and the training facilities were great. It was a pretty amazing thing to see and check out."

Other than the Bears, Guglielmi noted that Oregon State, Utah State, Utah and Texas State have all been in contact.

"I heard from LSU early on and they're a school I'd love to hear from more, but right now I'm not sure if they're still recruiting me or not," Guglielmi said.

Guglielmi is a good student who has loaded up on credits this summer and he's hoping that will allow him to sign with a school in December, but if not he is definitely on pace to graduate in May of 2009 and he'll have three years to play two whenever he steps on campus.

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