Lots of early offers for Newsom

As a senior in high school, Itawamba OT Trevor Newsom (6-8, 290) missed the football season due to a broken right ankle. Now with a year of college football under his belt, schools from across the country have made it known they like what he brings to the table. He's got quite a few early offers and even more could be on the way. Read on to find out more about this top line prospect...

"I broke my right ankle before my senior year so I didn't get a lot of schools looking at me," Newsom told JCFootball.com recently. "I came to Itawamba and I've been able to add weight and get stronger and after I got surgery on my ankle it got back to 100-percent so I'm getting ready for a big season this year."

As a freshman, Newsom started every game for a talented team, but he said he knows he still needs to work on his game to be the best he can be.

"I think I'm at my best when I'm pass blocking," Newsom said. "My footwork and my quickness I think are really good and that helps me a lot. My reach is also a big advantage when I have to pass-block.

"This summer I'm already working really hard on my run-blocking. I don't think I'm bad at it, but it's definitely the one part that I feel I have to work on the most."

Newsom benches 225 pounds 15 times while putting up 315 pounds over 20 times on the squat and he consistently posts 5.2 forty times, so he's got the strength and athleticism to be a success protecting a QBs blindside at the next level and several schools have already told him they like him enough to offer him early.

"Oklahoma State, Alabama, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Kansas State and South Florida have all offered me and Michigan has been sending me a lot of information and they seem pretty interested too," Newsom said. "I'm not going to decide anything early. I want to take my time and just check things out and keep an open mind. When I'm ready, that's when I'll decide."

In addition to his top seven schools, Newsom is also hearing from Louisiana Tech, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Kansas as well.

Because Newsom was a full-qualifier out of high school, he's eligible to leave at any time, but he plans to play this fall and sign with a team in December and he'll have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

We'll continue to track his progress and update things as they happen. Trevor Newsom Scout Profile

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