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Joliet has had a tumultuous offseason. Head coach Tom Minnick left and several talented players have opted to follow. However, many more are staying and one of those is DE/DT P.J. South (6-4.5, 275) who has been getting early recruiting attention from some four-year programs. He updated on things...

"There are a few guys who are heading out with our head coach, but I don't want to go to Arizona," South told recently. "I mean, we won 10 games last year and they won what -- two or three games?"

South prepped at Bolingbrook High School but didn't have the grades to play D-1 ball, so he decided to head to Joliet to continue his football career.

"I was a real knucklehead in high school," South said with a humble chuckle. "I didn't work hard, but once I got here, I realized it all sorta goes together and I needed to work as hard in school as I did on the football field and now I have good grades, so it's all paid off for me, at least to this point it has."

South had a solid season along the defensive line for the Wolves as a freshman in 2007. He managed to post 23 tackles and five sacks while playing every position along the defensive line.

"It was tough at times, because I feel more comfortable at end," South said. "We played a 3-5 most of the season, so I was just on the guard's shoulder and I got doubled a lot, but eventually I figured some things out and that's when I started to feel more comfortable.

"I have good speed (4.8) and strength (22 reps at 225 pounds on the bench), but I want to get my technique down and I just want to get quicker. That's what I'm working on this offseason."

On the recruiting front, South is hearing from schools all over the midwest.

"Wisconsin's head coach saw me and he said he liked me a lot," South said. "Then Toledo and Illinois and Marshall also called and said they are looking at me.

"I'm open to anyone that wants to recruit me. Whoever starts contact me will get me interested in them. I just want to keep playing at the next level and get my degree."

South is on pace to finish his two-year degree in December so he plans to sign then and he'll have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

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