Team Preview: College of Dupage

The state of Illinois boasts some excellent JC football programs, but the one that topped them all, at least on the field, last year was College of Dupage. Head coach Fred Fimbres's roster is loaded on defense this coming fall, but he's been impressed with what he's seen on the offensive side of the ball. Read on to see what he thinks about his roster and some of the players coming in...

"Last year was a step in the right direction for us," Fimbres told recently. "We had some great kids make plays for us last year, we beat every team in the state of Illinois last year and that helps out immensely with recruiting. We got second place in our division and we think we have some good things ahead of us if we progress like we think we will."

Dupage was loaded on defense last year and it appears they will have that same "problem" this year, but Fimbres is also very impressed with some of his talent on offense...

QB Jon Daniels "Jon is a kid who originally went to Fork Union and he's out of southern California, so the kid has been schooled really well on playing QB and he has all of the ability in the world. He is really going to help us take the next step.

"Last year, he had a two-time all-conference QB in front of him, so he really didn't get to play and a lot of schools don't know much about him, but he's the real deal. He's 6-3, 210 and he's just an outstanding passer. He can make all the throws and he's got legitimate 4.5 speed and slowly we're evolving into a spread team and a guy with Jon's ability helps us ease into that type of an offense."

WR Timothy Shelley "Tim is a bounceback we got from Northern Illinois, a kid by the name of Brandon Ven son, they'll really complement each other well in our offense and be players for us on the outside.

"Tim can fly and he's a very skilled receiver. He's got great hands and he's very aggressive as a player. He will be a big-play guy for us this fall."

WR/TE Brandon Venson "He can pretty much do it all for us. He's 6-3, 220 and we feel he might be able to grow into a tight end at the next level. He's a great athlete for a man his size and he's a real redzone threat for us. He's big and he runs well. He's going to be a monster for us.

"He redshirted his first year there at Northern Illinois, so after this fall, he'll have three years to play three which is very appealing for schools."

OT Darius Henderson "With Jon being a lefty, it's important to protect his blind-side and last year, Darius played right tackle and we were going to move him to the left side this fall, but with our situation now, we might end up leaving him at right tackle.

"He was out best player along the offensive line last year and for a man his size (6-4, 290) he's got incredible feet and he's really smart and he picks up things really quickly."

DT Darius Scott "On defense our strength is up front in the front seven. We have three defensive tackles who got a lot of playing time coming back and our biggest guy is Darius. He's huge (6-4, 340) and he's just a mountain of a man. He's big, he's fast and he's got unlimited potential to pretty much play wherever he wants to."

DT Brian Thomas "Brian is very athletic and he covers a lot of ground for a guy his size (6-1, 300). We love him as a run-stuffer, but he has some pass-rush ability."

LB Tim Cummins "We have a good problem to have in that we are absolutely loaded at linebacker this year. Last year we had three great linebackers so our guys that are coming back didn't get a lot of time, but Tim is an amazingly gifted linebacker. He's a 6-0, 228-pounder who can run a legit 4.5 and he could play inside or outside. It just depends on what a school wants him to play.

"He'll play inside for us, but he's got good grades, he's smart and he's got great instincts and outstanding athleticism. He's really physical too. We're really excited about his potential."

LB Justin Hickman "Justin is a bounceback from New Mexico and we were stoked when we found out he would be coming here. He's a very physical player and at 6-3.5, 235 he's runs a sub-4.6 and that's just flying for a guy that size.

"He's a redshirt freshman, so he's going to be able to sign with someone in December and he'll have three to play three. He's already got schools from across the Big 10, the Big 12 and some other conferences looking at him."

LB John Ryan "He's another guy who is a playmaker and guy we can use to cover and make plays sideline-to-sideline. He's 6-0, 220 and he runs really well, probably a 4.5 and because he played DB in high school, we think he could be a solid safety prospect as well as a great linebacker."

CB Michael Wilburn "He's a shorter guy, he's probably 5-9, 180, but he plays big and he's a good bump-and-run corner. He's a borderline D-1 guy, but I think if he can find the right system, he could play D-1."

Other Dupage players to watch: OL Ralph Calleros; LB Alex Springhorn; LB Travis Saville; LB Alvin McAdory.

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