Reedley Defensive Standouts Setting Trips

Reedley is currently ranked #2 in the official northern California Coaches/COA poll and preparing to play #1 Fresno. If Reedley is to win, the defense will have to rise to the occasion as it has done all year. Although nobody is looking past the big game, three of the team's defensive stalwarts have set recruiting trips for after the season.

Fleet-footed defensive end Doug Langenfeld (6-3, 247), who hails from South Carolina, has already visited Oregon and has Tennessee, South Carolina, and Nebraska visits on the horizon. He will decide between Texas A&M, West Virginia, Ohio State, and Oregon State for the final visit. Langenfeld is also on the pre-season JC Top 101 list. (photo above)
Cornerback Lionel Green (6-1, 185) is visiting Texas A&M, Nebraska, Missouri, and South Carolina. He will decide between Kansas State, North Carolina, West Virginia, Minnesota, and Mississippi for the final visit. Green is on the pre-season JC Top 101 list.

Defensive tackle Donyell Booker (6-2, 300) has set up visits to Oregon State, Fresno State, and Tennessee. He's deciding between Texas A&M, Arizona, and Ole Miss for his fourth and fifth trips. Booker is a Texas native.





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