Lots of early offers for Gaines

Butler features two of the top JC wideouts in the country this year in Edgard Theliar and Tyrece Gaines (6-3, 218). Theliar has already committed to Florida International, but Gaines is taking his time and he's already got plenty of schools to choose from and more could throw their hats into the ring soon. JCFootball.com caught up with the physically gifted wideout and he updated us on things...

"It's been a good year so far for us," Gaines told JCFootball.com. "We lost a tough one against Blinn early on, but we've won our last two and I think we'll continue to do well because we have a lot of talented guys on our team."

As a freshman at Butler last year, Gaines totaled 23 receptions for 425 yards and five touchdowns and so far he's off to a good start this year, hauling in eight receptions for 128 yards and five scores.

"I'm big, but I'm explosive too," Gaines said. "I love being physical with DBs when they come up and try and press me and then I have the speed (4.27) to run past them if they hang back."

Gaines prepped at Norcross High School in Georgia and he was highly recruited, but he was a few points short on his test score, so he decided to head to one of the top JC programs in the country.

"Man, all there is to do here is play ball and go to school," Gaines said with a laugh. "There isn't anything to distract you, so you can't slack off at all or get in trouble."

When Theliar arrived from College of the Desert this summer, the two receivers struck up a quick friendship that has blossomed into a good-natured rivalry.

"When he makes a great play, that makes me want to step up and make a better one," Gaines admitted. "We all get together and talk about our goals and what we want to do the next week and how we want to be physical and just dominate defenses."

With his natural size, strength and speed already where it needs to be to get to the next level, Gaines said he's been hard at work on the finer points of playing wide receiver.

"I worked hard this summer on being in control with my speed," Gaines said. "When you get into your breaks so fast you don't have it under control, you lose speed coming out of your break, which is really important in getting separation, so that was my focus this summer.

"I also worked hard on setting up DBs with how I run my routes and giving them a move one way and going the other. It's the finer points that make the difference and that's what I focused on this past offseason."

On the recruiting front, Gaines already has several offers to his name and he's got plenty more schools looking his way.

"Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kansas State and Troy all offered me in the spring," Gaines said. "Clemson, SMU, Hawaii and Michigan are all schools I'm interested in too, but they haven't offered me yet, so I don't know how interested they are in me."

Gaines is on pace to graduate this December and he'll have three years to play two when he finishes.

"Honestly, I want to find a place that fits what I'm looking for," Gaines said. "I want it all. I want a good education, good coaches, good teammates and a great program.

"I would like to go to a place that throws it around a lot, but I can play in almost any type of an offense."

This weekend Gaines and his Butler teammates will take on Air Force Prep and hope to improve their record to 3-1.

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