Marin Streak - Over

Santa Ana, Calif. - Going back to the 70s the Coahoma Tigers of the Mississippi JC conference had not only the longest losing streak in JC annals at 50, but also the second longest at 49. No doubt about it, the Mississippians had a stranglehold on that particular record.

That was before College of Marin, based in Kentfield, Calif., came along. The Mariners “out lost” the Tigers, dropping 51 in a row, starting when West Valley downed the M's 42-27 on October 11, 2003 and ended last weekend with a 50-46 Marin triumph over Solano. Maybe Marin needs to score 50 points to win. Their last prior victory was 57-44 versus Monterey Peninsula.

Obviously when you are losing game after game you aren't scoring fifty points. In fact a field goal would seem like a whole bunch of points. In 2005 the Mariners managed just a total of 37 points while giving up a whopping 417.

Now get this stat:  Over the course of the 51 games, Marin scored a total of 674 points (13.2 per game) while their opponents piled up 2,123, (41.6). Three times, in 2005, '05 and '07, rivals hit the end zone for over 400 tallies.

To end the historic losing skein Marin had to erase 19 and 20-point deficits by returning two Solano fumbles for TDs and score 23 points in the fourth period, helped by five touchdown passes from the arm of QB Thomas

“It feels so good,” said Marin receiver Ricky Young to a Marin Independent Journal reporter. Young had grabbed eight passes for 137 yards, including the game-winning catch with 3 minutes 33 seconds remaining. “We stayed focused and stayed together,” he continued.

Oddly, Marin players were talking about getting a bowl bid after the game. While this would have seemed highly unlikely, at the time the Mariners were in first place in the Bay-Valley Conference, which assures the winner of some sort of post-season contest. Subsequently the M's have reverted to their losing ways, dropping fairly close contests to Redwoods and Yuba.

Marin's claim to fame may be short-lived. The Pima College Storm of Tucson, Arizona are working on a 38-game losing streak and it could be by sometime in the 2010 season, playing in the tough Western States Football League (WSFL), they will have the key to the record for consecutive losses by a junior college team.

Others working on losing streaks include San Bernardino Valley at 13 and Contra Costa 11. Navarro, Tex. Currently boasts the longest winning streak at 13 followed by Monterey Peninsula with 12.

At any rate, Congratulations to Gary Garabato and his College of Marin Mariners, who are no longer toting monkeys on their backs.

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