The Graphic Edge Bowl will be played on November 23 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. College of DuPage will face Ellsworth and the undefeated Dean College will square off against Iowa Central. Get the scoop, including team and game information.

College of Dupage (6-5, 4-4) VS. Ellsworth C.C. (7-3, 7-1)

Dupage and Ellsworth should bring a game worthy of admission. The last time these two teams met in week 9, on October 25th, Ellsworth squeaked by with a 33-32 victory. On paper their offensive statistics are very similar, having somewhat equal counterparts on each team. Expect this game to go back and forth from opening kickoff to final whistle. Dupage is lead by quarterback Jon Daniels, averaging 186 yards passing per game, with a 62 percent completion percentage, and 17 touchdowns. The top rushers are Michael McNulty, 6 touchdowns and 641 yards on 136 carries. He also had 36 receptions for 314 yards. Daris Ewing had 7 touchdowns and 539 yards on 107 carries. Top receivers include Brandon Venson, who broke a school record with 56 receptions for 514 yards and six TDs; and Terriun Crump, 37 receptions for 662 yards and eight TDs. Defensive standouts include Trulon Henry (49 solos, 20 assists) and Tim Cummins (45 solos, 33 assists).

Ellsworth is having an exceptional season under first year Head Coach Mike Virden. One of the biggest contributors to the Panther’s success is Quarterback Tirrell Rennie. Tirrell has an average of 220 yards per game with a 60% passing percentage and a total of 17 touchdowns. He also is Ellsworth’s top rusher gaining an average of 91.4 yards per game. Tyrell Austin rushes for an additional 58.3 yards per game, and has scored 7 touchdowns this year. Top Receivers include Quintin Robinson, 79 receptions for 981 yards and 7 touchdowns, and Jonathan Aiken, 35 receptions for 577 yards and 4 touchdowns. Defensive standouts include Joe Forgy (24 solos, 16 assists, and 12 sacks), L.J. Gamblin (25 solos, 31 assists, 2 sacks, and 2 interceptions, and Aaron Strumski (30 solos, 27 assists, and 5 sacks).

Dean College (10-0, 5-0) VS. Iowa Central C.C. (7-3, 5-3)

Dean College comes all the way to Iowa from Massachusetts to take on Iowa Central at the Graphic Edge bowl, one of only six bowl games in the nation. Dean has gone undefeated in the Northeast Football Conference dominating most games by large margins. Iowa Central is ranked 17th and Dean is ranked 10th in the National Junior College Athletic Association.

Dean College is lead by quarterback Stanley Jennings who had averaged 130 yards passing, with 14 touchdowns, had a 49 percent pass percentage, and averaged 83 yards rushing with 10 rushing touchdowns. Top rushers for the bulldogs are Andre Hayward, averaged 57 yards and had 6 rushing touchdowns with an additional 4 receiving touchdowns, and Anthony Baskerville, averaged 38 yards rushing with 5 rushing touchdowns and 5 passing touchdowns. Besides Andre and Anthony most of the receptions made for Dean College were spread out over a multitude of receivers. The defense, ranked second in the country in total defense, is led by linebackers Jonathan Epke, 36 solos and 23 assists with 4 sacks, and Asim Hicks, 24 solo and 14 assists with 3.5 sacks.

Iowa Central is lead by runningback David Ferris who had averaged 129 yards and scored 11 touchdowns on the ground. He is the heart and soul of the Triton’s offense being backed up by runningbacks David Washington and Wlimont Wellington averaging 56 and 44 yards respectively. The impressive Iowa Central ground pound attack will test Dean’s defense, and is what the bulldogs are going to mainly focus on being that Iowa Central’s quarterbacks only average thirty yards per game a piece. The Triton’s defense has held there opponents to 94.5 yards per game rushing putting pressure on Stanley Jennings for Dean to perform. Defensive standout Jace Hawky has made 7 interceptions this year looking to add a few more.

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