Carter wants to play at the next level

Every year talented JC players fall through the ranks and this year one of the top receiving tight ends is still waiting for recruiting to pick up. Butte TE Matt Carter (6-4, 235) had an outstanding season for the Roadrunners and put up solid numbers and now he's working hard to get his name out to schools to let them know he's ready to do what's necessary to play at the next level...

"I'm more of a receiving tight end," Carter told recently. "I played receiver in high school, so I redshirted my first year and then I played a little last year and this year I started.

"I've been working real hard on my blocking and I've really improved in that area and I've been in the weight room and I've been adding a lot of strength too."

The Roadrunners went 13-0 this season, winning the national championship over Mt. San Antonio early last month and Carter was an integral weapon for Butte, posting 27 receptions for 350 yards and four touchdowns as a redshirt sophomore.

Now, he's hoping things pick up on the recruiting front.

"I'm still waiting for schools to start looking at me," Carter said. "A couple of schools have said they are interested in me and my coaches are working hard at helping me get my name out more, so I'm hoping something happens soon."

Since he has been at Butte for three years, Carter will have two years to play two wherever he ends up.

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