Fullerton College Football Recruits

FULLERTON COLLEGE SENDS 16 TO 4-YEAR COLLEGES. After a sensational football season, the Hornet football team (2008 conference champs and state sem-finalists) will see some talented FC players move on to the four-year level. PHOTO: DB Conroy Black - headed to Utah.

1. Ray Magee WR- Utah University
2. Conroy Black CB- Utah University
3. Lee Aguirre CB- BYU
4. Jeremy LaFrance WR- Akron University
5. Jeff Fleming QB- New Mexico State University (Freshman)
6. Jeremy Hensly OL- Old Dominion University (Freshman)
7. Reid Worthington LB- Northern Arizona
8. Gary Rogers DE- Northern Arizona
9. Ricky Spencer CB- Northern Colorado University
10. Aaron Harris CB- Nebraska Omaha University
11. C.J. Matthews OL- Texas Southern
12. Marquis Avery WR- San Jose State University
13. Avelino Valencia TE- San Jose State University
14. Ryan Garibay TE- Alabama State University
15. Todd Fulmer DT- Trinity University
16. John Frize LB- Chapman University

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