Two offers come in for Cullen

Last year as a freshman, Fullerton OT John Cullen (6-6, 285) had plenty of schools looking at him and this spring SEC and Big East programs both made offers to the talented offensive lineman. Cullen was on hand for the So Cal Combine held at Orange Coast College this past weekend and while he didn't participate he said he wanted to jump in when he watched the linemen one-on-ones...

"I talked with my coaches and they said that I shouldn't participate because I have plenty of schools already looking at me and they didn't want me to get hurt," Cullen explained to about the reason why he didn't participate in the combine. "But when you get out here and you watch all the guys competing and then you get over there and watch the one-on-ones, you start getting pumped up and you're like 'man I want to get out there.'"

While Cullen might not have taken part in the combine, he's still getting plenty of recruiting attention and he recently received his first two offers.

"I spoke with Auburn and they told me they liked me a lot and they were going to offer me," Cullen said. "A couple of days later I got an offer in the mail from them.

"Louisville and I have been talking for a while and they offered me too. First they told me on the phone and then they sent the offer to me in the mail so I have two official offers."

Cullen said he continues to hear from schools like UCLA, Arizona State, Oregon State, Nevada, Utah, Hawaii and Florida International.

"All the same schools are still after me and I'm hoping that more of them offer, but right now I just have the two and I'm happy with them," Cullen said. "I'm still open to anyone who wants to recruit me and offer me, but it's nice knowing I have the chance to play D-1 after I finish up this fall."

Cullen will sign with a school mid-year and will have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

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