Team Preview: Blinn College

This year, the Blinn Buccaneer roster is jam packed with top rated players at almost every position. caught up with Defensive Line coach Keith Browning so he could update us on some of Blinn's top prospects and who to keep an eye on this fall…

"Last year we were loaded with great guys and we had quite a few sign with D-1 schools and then the rest ended up at lower-levels where they will be successful," Browning said. "This year we're excited about what we have on both sides and we have some top guys that schools already know about, but we have several others that are just starting to get noticed and they will have schools falling over themselves to get at them when they see them this fall."

Here's a quick look at some of the top players on Blinn's roster and who fans and schools should know about…

QB Cameron Newman – "Cam signed with Florida out of high school. He was a five-star kid out of Atlanta and he was sitting behind Tim Tebow and just wanted to get a fresh start so he came to us. He's big (6-6, 245) and he runs a 4.5 forty, so he's a great athlete and he will be someone who can put the whole team on his shoulders and he can carry them.

"He's got offers from tons of schools. I know that Arizona and Kansas State have both officially offered him, but Iowa State, Mississippi State, North Carolina, Tennessee, they have all said they are offering him, but they are only verbal offers right now."

RB Michael Hayes "Mike is a little guy, he's probably about 5-9, 195, but man he packs a punch when he runs. He's physical for a smaller guy, but he's also really fast. I think we clocked him at a 4.3 this spring, so he can really move. He's already got offers from Kansas, Southern Miss and I think there is one more, but he's got plenty of schools looking to offer him.

"Last year he had over 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns total (both running and receiving) and this year we expect a big season out of him."

WR Dexter Ransom "When you see him walk on the field you go ‘whoa'. I mean, the kid is just built like no other receivers out there. He's probably a good comparison physically to Larry Fitzgerald just because of his sheer size. He's 6-4 and about 220 so he's a mismatch for every DB he goes up against.

"He's already got a lot of offers. Arkansas, Baylor, Arizona, Utah, Kansas, Mississippi and a bunch of other ones, so he's going to be one of our highest recruited guys."

WR Chad Froechtenicht "He's a really good return guy. He's about 6-1, 190 and he can run really well, but it's his quickness that really sets him apart. He's got schools from SMU, to UAB, to Oklahoma State all looking at him. We think he could be pretty special for us this fall."

OT Shawn Wyatt "Shawn played guard for us last year, but during spring ball we moved him out to left tackle. He's very athletic for a guy that is 6-5, 305. He's also got a nasty streak which you love in your offensive linemen. He's our anchor and we think he'll be a really good one.

"Kansas State, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma State and a few others are looking at him."

OT Xavier Swain "Xavier is our other big tackle. He'll play on the right side and he's just solid. Very athletic and he's big (6-4, 315). He's real physical and he likes to get after it.

"He signed with UTEP out of high school so he can play D-1 pretty easily."

DE Anthony Gonzales "Cam, Ransom and Hayes are all big time guys, but when it's all said and done I wouldn't be surprised if Tony is our top rated guy and most heavily recruited.

"He's your prototypical defensive end. He goes 6-5, 255, he's got great speed (4.65) and he's a real strong pass-rusher with a great motor. He only had about six sacks last season, but that was because he was behind our All-American Travis Stephens who signed with Kansas.

"Tony has offers from Kansas, UAB, North Texas and Houston, but we've had SEC, Big 12 and Big 10 schools all recruiting him and I expect him to sign at the highest level possible."

DE D.J. Ross "He plays our hybrid linebacker/defensive end position, but because of his size he will probably play linebacker at the next level. He's an outstanding athlete and he really gets after it from the rush end position."

DT Jon Mathis "‘Big Jon' already has three offers – North Texas, Tulsa and Houston – and he's hearing from the Big 12 and SEC as well. He's 6-3, 290 and he's strong. He's just a tough guy to move out inside."

DT Chris Aiken "After schools got a look at Chris this spring, they really fell in love with him and what he could do. He's 6-2, 309 and just physical. He's got BYU and ULM looking at him right now, but he's going to get looks from Big 12 and other schools too down the road."

LB Cory Williams "Cory is a big (6-3, 240) physical guy who just hurts people with the way he hits. He ran a 4.6 this spring and when you do that at that size, that's just devastating. He's getting interest from Iowa State and UTEP right now, but that will pick up during the season when people get an eyeful of him."

LB Charles Hines "He's a huge man, all muscle. He had a high ankle sprain last fall so he was limited in what he could do last year, but this year he's healthy and he's just going to tear it up. I expect him to get a lot of looks from BCS schools after they see the first three games this fall."

S/CB Justin Goodman "Justin already has an offer from North Texas and Utah seems like they could be close to offering him as well. He's a tough kid, really strong for his size and he's a great tackler because he's so physical. He can really run well and he's explosive – he posted a 40-inch vertical this summer."

S Cassius Bradley "He's a physical, in-the-box guy. He had 66 tackles last year and we expect him to be another guy who can play up close to the line and make plays. He's 5-10, 200 and in the spring a bunch of schools expressed interest in him. He's got schools from the Pac 10, the Big 12 and the Mountain West looking at him right now."

Other Blinn players to keep an eye on: CB Terrance Harvey; CB Dominique Drew; DE Logan Johnson; K Charles Greer.

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