Atkinson hopes for shot at D-1 scholarship

Diablo Valley LB Josh Atkinson (6-1, 230) is a player who is trying to make a name for himself after taking a year off from the game. He enrolled at BYU and then realized he missed playing the game of football, so he headed to the JC that his brother Jordan was so successful at and now he hopes for a chance to follow in his brother's footsteps and to earn a D-1 scholarship...

Atkinson didn't get much recruiting attention after he finished high school, so he decided to give up the game of football to concentrate on earning a degree at BYU, where he had enrolled as a regular student.

However, after watching his brother Jordan Atkinson's success at Diablo Valley and realizing how much he missed playing the game he had played since he was a little boy, he decided to give it a shot and he's now one of the leader's of the Vikings' talented defense.

"I really missed it a lot," Atkinson told "I think it was a situation where I didn't realize how much I loved to play until I wasn't doing it. It was a great situation for me to come here to DVC and have a chance to play ball again."

Atkinson enrolled at DVC in the spring and took part in spring football with the Vikings and he's set to man the middle of their defense this fall.

"I play downhill," Atkinson said. "I can pull the trigger pretty well and just make plays. I have good speed (4.6) and good instincts, so that helps me get to where I need to be and then it's all about being physical.'

On the recruiting front, Atkinson isn't hearing anything yet, but because of his full-qualifier status, it's probably only a matter of time before he does.

"Right now, no one really knows who I am or when I will be available," Atkinson said. "I've just got to go out and do what I do well and I think schools will come.

"I had a chance to walk-on at BYU, but I really wanted a chance to get a D-1 scholarship and this place gave me the chance to do that."

Does that mean if the Cougars were to extend an offer that he would jump at it?

"I would love to play ball there, but honestly I don't want to limit myself just to them," Atkinson said. "I'd love to play D-1 ball anywhere that I would have a chance to play early and a place I would feel comfortable. If I can find that, it really doesn't matter where it is."

As noted earlier, Atkinson was a full-qualifier out of high school and because he didn't play last fall (essentially a redshirt season), following this season he will have three years to play three wherever he ends up.

We'll continue to keep track of Atkinson's progress this fall and update news as it becomes available.

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