Blinn's Michael Hayes reschedules KSU visit

Blinn is already off to a great start this fall and one of the leaders of the Buccaneers' offense is RB Michael Hayes (5-9, 195). He had a sub-par outing versus Butler in week one, but came back and posted a big outing last week. caught up with the talented back and he updated us on things including why he rescheduled his visit to Kansas State...

"I talked with the coaches and they were like 'we want you to come down when there's a better game'," Hayes told recently. "Me and Cam (Cameron Newton) both want to get there to check them out, so we're looking at some different games and when we can make it, but we're both definitely going to go visit them at some point soon."

Besides his offer from Kansas State, Hayes also has offers from Kansas and Southern Miss and he's seen interest really pick up from a Pac 10 school recently.

"Oregon just started talking to me and they said they are going to send a coach down to watch one of our games to check me out," Hayes said. "I know they have a real good offense there, so that is definitely a school that interests me."

Hayes is a multi-talented back, able to catch passes out of the backfield while moving the chains by running between the tackles. As a freshman in 2008 he posted posting over 750 yards on the ground, 300 as a receiver and 10 touchdowns.

"My speed (4.3) lets me get outside, but I love running between the tackles," Hayes noted. "It's what I do best. I can do it all though, so however a team needs to use me, I think I can do it."

So far this season, Hayes has posted almost 200 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

"The Butler game was intense and I didn't have a great game," Hayes said. "Last week we got off a little bit more and I only played really in the first half, so it was a good game and I had over 120 yards in that game and two touchdowns."

Hayes is on pace to graduate in December and he'll have three years to play two wherever he ends up. He and his teammates will take on Arkansas Baptist this weekend.

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