Mission Conference Realignment

The Mission Conference, generally regarded as the premier community college football conference in America, will realign into new divisions, starting with the 2003 football season. Athletic directors approved the proposal, planned by the Mission Conference Football Coaches' Association, during their winter meetings.

The American Division features Cerritos, Golden West, Long Beach, Mt. San Antonio, Orange Coast, and Palomar. The National Division consists of El Camino, Fullerton, Pasadena, Riverside, Saddleback, and Santa Ana.

"Our conference is always looking to improve on its great history and tradition," said Mission Conference Commissioner T. Mark Johnson.

"We have colleges with strong programs, and most rank among the elite each season. The new alignment appears to be fair and balanced. It's also a credit to our coaches that we're not afraid to change with the times. The conference is excited to begin another great chapter. "

The conference has undergone several realignments since its establishment in 1969. From 1988 to 1993, the conference competed in three divisions (Southern, Central, Northern); and for the past eight seasons, the teams played under the Central and Northern Divisions.

Johnson also stated that the divisions will be re-evaluated in two years for another possible shuffle.

Mission Conference teams have captured (outright or shared) six of the last 10 national titles.

The following is a list of 2003 schedules. Dates will be announced by late Spring.



Cerritos (Chaffey, at Compton, Riverside, Pasadena, at El Camino, at Golden West, Long Beach, at Mt. SAC, at Orange Coast, Palomar)

Golden West (West LA, at Southwestern, El Camino, at Santa Ana, at Riverside Cerritos, at Palomar, at Long Beach, Mt. SAC, Orange Coast)

Long Beach (Bakersfield, at Grossmont, at Santa Ana, Riverside, Saddleback, Orange Coast, at Cerritos, Golden West, at Palomar, at Mt. SAC)

Mt. San Antonio (at Moorpark, LA Valley, at Pasadena, El Camino, at Fullerton, at Palomar, Orange Coast, Cerritos, at Golden West, Long Beach)

Orange Coast (at Glendale, LA Southwest, at Saddleback, Fullerton, Santa Ana, at Long Beach, at Mt. SAC, Palomar, Cerritos, at Golden West)

Palomar (Mt. San Jacinto, at Canyons, at Fullerton, Saddleback, at Pasadena, Mt. SAC, Golden West, at Orange Coast, Long Beach, at Cerritos)



El Camino (at Ventura, Moorpark, at Golden West, at Mt. SAC, Cerritos, Riverside, Fullerton, at Pasadena, at Saddleback, Santa Ana)

Fullerton (Compton, at Mt. San Jacinto, Palomar, at Orange Coast, Mt. SAC, Pasadena, at El Camino, at Saddleback, Santa Ana, at Riverside)

Pasadena (Canyons, at Bakersfield, Mt. SAC, at Cerritos, Palomar, at Fullerton, at Santa Ana, El Camino, at Riverside, Saddleback)

Riverside (Grossmont, at Citrus, at Cerritos, at Long Beach, Golden West, at El Camino, Saddleback, at Santa Ana, Pasadena, Fullerton)

Saddleback (Harbor, at Chaffey, Orange Coast, at Palomar, at Long Beach, Santa Ana, at Riverside, Fullerton, El Camino, at Pasadena)

Santa Ana (at LA Pierce, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Golden West, at Orange Coast, at Saddleback, Pasadena, Riverside, at Fullerton, at El Camino)


Divisions were divided on basis of power (wins and losses over past two years) and will be re-calculated at the end of the next two years (2005 season).

1. Palomar (18-2)
2. Pasadena (17-3)
3. Saddleback (15-5)
4. Cerritos (14-6)
5. Long Beach (13-7)
6. Riverside (10-10)
7. Fullerton (9-11)
8. Mt. San Antonio (9-11)
9. Orange Coast (7-13)
10. El Camino (7-13)
11. Santa Ana (5-15)
12. Golden West (3-17)


Old Central Division: Fullerton, Golden West, Orange Coast, Palomar, Saddleback, Santa Ana

Old Northern Division: Cerritos, El Camino, Long Beach, Mt. San Antonio, Pasadena, Riverside

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