Mobley happy to be a Wildcat

Last weekend, former Ohio State Buckeye DT Willie Mobley (6-2, 277) took a visit to Arizona and committed to the Wildcat coaching staff while he was on campus. Mobley's pledge ends a long and arduous road for the talented defensive line prospect who thought he had found a home at a different Pac 10 school but when things fell through he was left without a home...

"I signed with Ohio State back in 2008," Mobley told "I was injured my first year so I redshirted and then over the summer and through fall camp last August, I was in the two deeps and playing a lot and I was going to play but I just didn't feel comfortable there and didn't really like some of the stuff that was going on with the staff and the team so I left."

Mobley, who is a very good student, wanted to transfer to another D-1 school and thought he had found a home at UCLA, but that plan fell through as well.

"I got my release on a Friday and I left for California on Monday," Mobley said. "I had talked to the UCLA coaches and counselors and they were like 'everything looks like it's good to go so come on out', so that's what I did.

"Then when I got there and sat down with them, they said that they made a mistake and not all of my credits would transfer and I couldn't enroll there. They pointed me to Orange Coast where I am right now, but they told me I was going to have to sit out another year and get my AA degree in order to transfer within the UC system.

"I was pretty upset about it and I was like 'I'm not sitting out another year' so I started talking to some other schools and Arizona was the one that offered me and said I should come out and visit, so that's what happened last weekend and I really enjoyed myself so I committed to them and I'll be there in January."

Mobley said Arizona's coaching staff is recruiting him to play defensive tackle, although he could end up outside as well.

"I'm not the biggest guy, but I can play the run or rush the quarterback and do both well," Mobley said. "They want me to come in and play the three-technique and rush the QB and I really thought it was a great fit for me."

While on campus, Mobley met with head coach Mike Stoops and surprised the Wildcats head man with his commitment.

"He was like 'so where do you think Arizona stands with you?'," Mobley recalled. "That's when I told him I wanted to be a Wildcat and he was like 'what?' because I think I caught him off guard.

"When he finally realized I was serious and wanted to commit he got up and gave me and my mom and hug and he welcomed us to the family."

Mobley will sign his letter-of-intent in December and, as mentioned above, will be on campus in January with three years to play three once he steps on campus.

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