Simon will re-sign with Colorado

It was a disappointment for both parties when current Hutchinson C Shaun Simon (6-2.5, 315) was unable to qualify and enroll at Colorado last summer. Because he waited so long on the NCAA to make a ruling on his eligibility, the talented O-lineman showed up late and redshirted. Now, Simon said he plans to re-sign with the Buffaloes in December after he plays this fall for the Blue Dragons...

Simon prepped at Union High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma and had offers from all over including Kansas, Kansas State, Tulsa, a few SEC teams and some Mountain West schools. However, Colorado impressed him the most so he decided to sign with the Buffaloes even though he was a long-shot to qualify.

"I really didn't play football until my senior year," Simon told "Because of that I really didn't get motivated to get it done in school until it was too late because I was just too far behind.

"I really hadn't planned on doing anything after school except getting a job, but then when it turned out I was pretty good at playing football it sorta motivated me. Now I really take school seriously, but it was too late to recover then."

Last season, Simon redshirted with the Blue Dragons because, while waiting for the NCAA to decide on his academic status he ended up missing the start of fall camp.

"It was frustrating, but it's actually going to turn out really good for me," Simon said. "I'll be able to play this fall and then I will have three years to play three with Colorado once I get there."

Speaking of the Buffaloes, it appeared they were going to have to work really hard to keep Simon in the fold, but it turns out that Simon is happy with his original decision and won't be looking at other schools.

"Oregon, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State and Arizona State all have called me and were like 'we want to offer you'," Simon said. "I was really flattered and said 'thanks, but I'm committed to Colorado'.

"I really liked it there and I love the staff. The only way I can see myself not ending up there is if something happens to the staff and they aren't there anymore."

Currently, Simon is focused almost solely on offseason conditioning as well as his courswork and he's getting it done in both venues.

"Right now I have a 345-pound bench and I'm getting a lot stronger," Simon said. "I had never really worked out much before I got here, so I feel like I have nowhere to go but up.

"As far as school, I have to take a lot of classes so I can sign in December. I got here late, so I got a late start on classes and stuff, but I'm doing as much as I can. My grades are good, but if I don't get all the classes I need to by December, then I will definitely be done in May."

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